Traveling afar offers possibilities for journeying
an article on Sacred Travel

March 13th 2011 - Life is a sacred internal journey into greater levels of consciousness. When we travel in the external world, with intention and awareness, we mirror that internal quest. Travel can be a casual pursuit of amusement and diversion, or an opening to greater awareness. The difference is within you. If you can keep some sort of awareness, intention, or spiritual goal for your trip, then your external travel becomes an internal journey as well.
My starting point as a healer was a trip to Belize in 2000. Traveling there, to the Maya Mountains was in many ways a declaration of my intention to become a healer. And while the sacred sites we visited, and the local Curanderos (shamans) I was introduced to were stimulating in their own right, my intention to open into a future possibility for myself gave depth and meaning to each encounter.
Travel mirrors personal evolution, because by exposing ourselves to new people and places, and by jolting us out of the familiar, we are removed from our comfortable shell and given an opportunity to explore new ways of being and new possibilities for ourselves. When we combine travel to sacred places with the conscious intention to know more of ourselves, then something truly remarkable can occur.
While all of Mother Earth is sacred, the ancients were aware that certain spots on the Earth are confluences of earth and cosmic energies. Temples, pyramids and other structures were usually located in these places, so that their ceremonies and spiritual practices could be enhanced. People have visited these sites for thousands of years for spiritual solace, initiation and rebirth and still do today. Thousands of years of intention and devotion at these places has but enhanced the qualities already present and left their own mark. Climbing the pyramid at Xunantunich in Belize, I heard the chanting of long-gone Mayan faithful, imprinted upon the stones (quite the "woo-woo" moment).
Many, if not all of these sites have their own spirit guardians or gate keepers. Physically visiting these sites and opening yourself to their guardian spirits through intention and appreciation is a powerful means of deepening personal awareness and power. Journeys to places such as Stonehenge, Mt. Shasta, Avebury, Oahu, and the Great Pyramid at Giza, has enabled me to later enlist the aid of each Gate Keeper in my healing work.
When I lead tour groups to sacred places, such as the English Triangulation, I incorporate teaching into how to draw energy from the sites we visit. We usually start the day with a meditation or group inter-dimensional sound healing to set our intention. Then at the sites themselves, people are encouraged to internally express appreciation and gratitude for being there, and for the opportunity to open themselves. Emotions such as appreciation or love are coherent energies that help to open a space where we can directly experience the sacred energies. Intention and appreciation are the keys; enabling visitors to draw ancient energies from the places we visit for their own evolution and opening. These simple techniques can completely alter your experience.
On your next trip, be it to Zanzibar or Disney World, set an intention for expansion and greater light, and see what happens!
Jaci Loos is an Inter-dimensional Sound Healer, Akashic Record Consultant, Cleansing Flow tm practitioner and Light Body Teacher. She offers classes, private and group healings, house clearings and Sacred Travel Tours. She is dedicated to change, growth and personal integration. Her passion is to empower others to experience their life with greater joy and ease. Jaci lives and practices in Stillwater, MN. For more information, visit her website at or contact her at 651-436-1418.

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