How Healers Are Held Back
Past Lives Are Holding Healers Back from a Full Practice

February 12th 2011 - It isn’t unusual that a healer in this lifetime has had previous lifetimes as a healer. Unfortunately, many of the previous lifetimes of healing haven’t been as gracious lifetimes as this. There were certainly many times in history that stoning, imprisonment, maiming and murder were common practice if someone didn’t like something about someone else. Fortunately, things have dramatically changed. But the problem lies in the memory bank and computer of the healer of lifetimes when their work was not readily accepted.

Why does that affect now? When our subconscious remembers a horrible event from a past life, when something similar triggers it, they stop the flow of possibility. The subconscious may be stopping a repeat of a memory being hanged when all you want to do is proceed along a path to get a paying client. The subconscious memory, however, wins and sabotages the results. You end up disappointed by the results consciously, but your subconscious feels it won because it saved your life.

Before I was able to publish a book I received from Archangel Michael, I had to look at my own past lives to see what was stopping me from getting the book published. It wasn’t that I was approaching publishers and getting rejected. It was that I wasn’t telling anyone I could channel or that I had his book. When I looked into my own past lives to determine what was holding me back, I saw countless lives that were affecting my efforts to reveal my abilities. In a nutshell, I was persecuted, maimed or murdered for either being a healer, psychic or someone in the public eye.

Of course, my subconscious take on it was if I stayed out of the public eye, and didn’t tell anyone about my own gifts and abilities, I would remain safe and alive. That was a very attractive end result to my subconscious. My conscious mind, however, knew I wasn’t given this book for me alone to read. I, therefore, had to release all the subconscious memories I had in order to share this work. As I cleared each memory using ho’oponopono, a Hawaiian spiritual healing process that corrects and sets aright, it became easier to communicate my gifts. I could see the difference when I automatically shared information that previously would only be shared with the most receptive audience in very close knit like-minded circles. When I noticed I got stuck again in communicating some aspect of the book or my abilities, I knew there was another memory to be cleared. The more I cleared, the easier it became to share my truth.

As I use ho’oponopono and my abilities to see past lives in my current healing practice, I have found that my past life experiences are not that unusual. Many of the clients I now have are healers with the same challenges. They have lived before and experienced persecution, burning at the stake, being stoned, hanged, imprisonment, etc. The theme seems to run rampant with those that are gifted.

The downside to this is that not only are they held back now by their own memories that affect them building a viable practice themselves, countless people who could benefit from their gifts and healing abilities go unserved. The brutality of the past still carries forward and those brutes who thwarted our efforts to heal in the past are still winning and inhibiting our abilities to heal today.

What a shame, when mankind needs all the help they can get with all the challenges they face today, the people from our past lives are still holding back mankind from the benefits of our healing abilities.

Being given the gift of healing is an honor. Not being able to use it to our fullest abilities is a shame. These memories that tug at us are causing the thugs in our past to still win and our potential clients to lose out on the help we can provide them.

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