Seven Step Weight Loss Program
A fine tuned weight loss program that allows you to burn fat at a rate of 1/2 to 1 lb. a day.

February 03rd 2011 - This plan does work!! And it’s not hard to follow because you have set foods that you can eat and you are not hungry after the first 2 days.

Step 1: Call the office and schedule your Zyto Compass Scan. Karen is offering this scan at $10 for members and $20 for non-members(normal fee $45.) This is a non-evasive way to understand what nutrients are being utilized and absorbed into the system and what nutrients are needed.

The results from the Zyto Compass Assessments are easy for you to understand. Using easy to read graphics you will quickly be able to see which nutrients your body shows a preference for. This is an imperative first step to balancing your body and satisfying your hunger by satisfying your cells need for nutrients.

Step 2: Start a 7-10 day cleanse to open the eliminations channels and allow the cells to dump stored toxins. This can be the CleanStart 10 day program, Dieters Cleanse 7 day program, or Colon Hydrotherapy. Cleansing the colon allows the entire body to start detoxing. As the liver to starts dumping stored toxins that hold fat it will be easier for you to lose weight.

Step 3: Know your blood type. If you do not know or are unsure then pick up a kit at the drug store and do the test. This is crucial, because foods that are not for your blood type can actually make you weak and cause you crave foods void of nutrients.

Step 4: Start the HCG Homeopathic Drops that are available in our office, 2 times a day. These drops start the burn of stored fat ( up to 1700 calories of fat daily) making it easier to loose fat and not lean muscle weight. They also reset the Hypothalamus. Typical weight loss for this 21 day period if 1/2 lb daily for women and 1 lb daily for men.

Step 5: Follow a unique diet plan designed specifically for your blood type.

Step 6: Schedule weekly follow up sessions where we fine tune the program and offer suggestions. These can be in person or email but it helps to have support and we are here to help. You will reach a plateau so don't get discouraged.

Step 7:This plan is for 21 to 43 days and then you go on a 3 week maintenance program where you reintroduce a few foods. During this time you will be on Hypothalamus supplement to reset the Hypothalamus and continue to burn fat and lose weight. Typical weight loss during this time is about 2 lbs a week.

Retest monthly with the ZYTO Compass and address any deficiencies found. This analysis is an important part of any diet or lifestyle change. Karen Doolan has been so helpful by offering us this valuable service every Monday.

Your first appointment will be about one and half hours and we will get you started and we will explain the program in detail. You will have everything you need to be successful.

Don’t wait another day, call now to schedule your appointment! 704-823-1577

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