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Weave your commitments with GrandMother Earth and her families. A Wedding is not a production rather the Portal to many Journeys of your commitments.

January 22nd 2011 - R a i n b o w E a r t h

Osiyo, and welcome! I am EarthThunder, an Indigenous Shaman and Reverend. As a Non-denominational Interfaith Minister located in the Northwest area, I am dedicated to making your wedding ceremony unique, intimate and memorable. Whether you opt for traditional elements or want to completely reinvent generations, my knowledge is committed to keep your ceremony in the Wedding and your passion in the Marriage.

~~ Let’s Dream Your Commitments ~~~

Ceremonies can reflect the stories of your finding each other, finding each other’s families, friends and environment. Adding this to your Wedding is non-Traditional or Alternative. I am often asked to include the guests as an active listening Circle; they remember the sharing of your future’s dreams, and the complexity of relationships. They agree to rules of feedback by permission rather than so-called random advice.

It is important that your Wedding is not an Event or a Production. Your Wedding Weaving is as distinctive as the love that grows within each of you.

In addition, I welcome couples who would like to combine different cultures or religions
As well as alternative lifestyles!

~~~Benevolent Ceremonies ~ ~~

EarthThunder offers ceremonies:

Earthbased Spirituality Ceremonies
Non-or Interdenominational/Interfaith Weddings
Commitment Ceremonies
Same Sex Marriages*
Engagement Ceremonies
Multi-cultural and Inter-racial Weddings
Vow Renewals
Other Theme Weddings

*Same-sex marriages are only legal in some states.

EarthThunder is the Officiant and founder of ‘Rainbow Earth’ Weavings, Ceremonies, Memorials, and Weddings and has officiated over 500 Marriages. Rainbow Deer is a Non-denominational Minister, our Celebrant and Apprentice.

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