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Soul Integration
We can all exist within a realm which is blissful and consciously connected with Divine Source. We can all fully embody our Soul. This is not only our capacity, but our birthright. If you have accomplished this, stop reading now and go for a blissful walk in the woods. If not, together let’s explore the reasons and graduate to the next level.

January 14th 2011 - by Pamela Arwine

We can all exist within a realm which is blissful and consciously connected with Divine Source. We can all fully embody our Soul. This is not only our capacity, but our birthright. If you have accomplished this, stop reading now and go for a blissful walk in the woods. If not, together let’s explore the reasons and graduate to the next level. We pray. We supplicate. We turn over our seeming problems to God. And still, sometimes, we feel unfulfilled and unheard. Consider the possibility that we are living in the illusionary dream world described in “A Course in Miracles” and in the Buddhic traditions. Consider the possibility that as we dream the unfulfilled dream, God is simply witnessing our perfection until we choose to awaken. As Peter Erbe poses in “God, I AM, From Tragic to Magic”, would we try to jump into the dream of a restless child and fix it? Or, would we keep the child safely in our loving arms as we gently awaken it? Could we expect anything less from our heavenly Father…or from our own Oversoul?

The body vehicle which we have been given is a relatively dense vibration, of necessity, to be able to exist and grow in the physical plane. Emotions and judgments which have been left unresolved hold a pretty dense field around us. The soul can fully embody us only in direct proportion to the degree that we have healed and cleared these emotions, judgments and egoic structures. It will not force itself upon us; however, it will respond to our request and will hear what we have to say to it in regard to the importance of its participation in our lives. It exists in that realm which is blissful and consciously connected with Divine Source. Although there are different levels of evolution from soul to soul and, indeed, within the soul, it is more evolved than our physical manifestation and definitely lives in a more refined state.

The soul itself is on an evolutionary path, but has evolved to the point of breaking free of the illusion. Regardless of what we may feel relative to the distancing of the soul in most cases, it is not a callous decision. It knows we are existing within a dream world and that we will eventually wake up into the awakened state the highest aspect of the soul is already enjoying. Even though we are basically living through the ego and personality which has been strongly influenced by all the effects and messages we’ve grown up with and stored in our brains, the soul still has something to learn from our earthly existence. As long as it distances itself from us and from the experiences that we’re having here, its rate of evolution is somewhat hampered.

According to the works of Dr. Joshua David Stone, Dr. David Hawkins, Dr. Jonathan Parker and many of the great theosophist writers, there are varying levels of the soul. The two primary levels are the Oversoul, (also known as God Presence or I AM Presence or Monad) and the Higher Self (also known as Soul Personality or Soul Extension). The Oversoul is the highest aspect of the soul; the Higher Self is the lower aspect of the soul. Each of course are very complex intelligences that have more than one component and are, within itself, in varying stages of evolution. Most people who feel connected to their soul are tapping into the Higher Self. It is more accessible and instantly responds to our requests. The Oversoul primarily tends to exist out of our current realm of experience, seeking to learn or to serve in its own relatively independent way. When we ask to integrate with our soul, it is important to invite in the highest aspects of our soul. This will encompass all levels and bring us into a field of unified consciousness, the field of the soul.

When we explain to the Oversoul that we need it in our life, it will connect and respond to this express invitation. Explain to it that nobody is going anywhere very fast due to the stored energies, thoughtforms, pictures, memory traces, karmic trails, held by the mind, brain, body, energy bodies, etc. Explain to it the value of moving together in cooperation within a unified field to move into enlightened awareness of Oneness. When the soul gets that picture, it’s kind of an aha experience for it and it realizes, “I can do something about this. This person is now awakened to the point where they even know to ask the question.” The picture begins to shift. Then you can bring in the fullness of an enlightened awareness of the soul and invite it to take over the operation of all of the components of your being from head to toe. This is a process, rarely a singular event. Because of the lingering effects of old ego driven patterns in the brain and the mind, this may take a little time and patience.

As your Oversoul begins to realize that it can utilize the chakra system in a way that enhances its experiences by operating through the senses, you have its cooperation. Many of the issues of the chakras seem to be expelled as the soul moves in. Keep inviting the soul into every place in which you would like it to live. It does not seem to move of its own accord, forcing its will upon us, but is quite responsive to our express invitation. Bring the soul into the childhood, the past lives, the brain, the mind, the cells, the energy bodies, the issues, the feelings, the thoughts, the patterns, the tape recordings that continually run. Ask the soul to infuse itself into every atom of your being from head to toe and even the spaces in between the atoms, to fill your auric space and all of your chakras. Ask it to learn to utilize all of the chakras to serve its evolution and its highest good, taking you with it. And always, keep bringing in the highest aspects of the soul. Much like bringing a healing light in, you want to invite the presence, consciousness and full awareness of the soul into every part of you. It’s really important to bring it into the brain itself because the brain primarily has functioned from information and experiences it has gathered through the five senses from the time that we were born into our very first incarnation… very concrete, solidified and fixed. This concrete information helps us to sustain a sense of separation. We eventually attain more subtle information and experience as we embark upon a spiritual path, but there’s a lot of seeming evidence to overcome. It takes a level of faith and constancy to recognize the illusion of the evidence of the five senses and trust the less concrete evidence of the higher senses.

The brain has very effectively stored all of this information or evidence. It is like a hologram that captures all of the emotion and all of the perceptions about a particular thing that is going on and, similar to a backup drive to a computer, it can recreate all of the things that it has experienced, continually reliving them. Therefore, in any healing or clearing, it is profoundly important to clear the patterns from the brain itself.

These experiences and perceptions are also stored in the mind, but this will eventually go away as you learn to still your mind. It is still very useful to always clear the mind throughout any healing or clearing. The mind and the ego are replaced by the soul as we unify in our Oneness more fully. Ask the soul to invest itself in all of the brain operations and to learn to use the brain and merge its energy into the field of the brain. This will include the parts of the brain that operate at an unconscious level and the limbic brain which houses so many of the survival drives and connects us into the imagery of the collective unconscious. We also ask the soul’s presence to integrate in through the nervous system, including the autonomic nervous system as well as the functional nerves through the whole body. So much of our energetics of all of our reactions are stored in the nervous system.

Develop a relationship with your beloved soul. Speak with it as if it were your best friend…it is. Bring the soul back into your life and your physical being. If you meet with it only in meditation, this is helpful and enlightening, but ultimately it is only an experience we are having, granted an enriching experience. By the kind of merger we are talking about here, we move into a life of unified consciousness and everything and anything can shift. Introduce your soul, your best friend, to all aspects of your being; hold nothing back. Keep clearing the spaces to make more room for your soul. Give all of your attention and your life force to your soul and allow the illusionary life to dissolve. Live in the fullness of who you really are.

Founder of Quantum Healing Energetics and Lemurian Light Healing, Pamela has 16 years experience as a spiritual healer and counselor and instructor of all levels of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions and Meditation. She brings to this work a remarkable synthesis of an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Advanced Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling and Advanced Holistic Healing, Usui Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Karuna Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, and Gestalt Therapy. Pamela has developed several CDs which support one in heighteing the consciousness of forgiveness: "True Forgiveness", "Clear Harmony", "Soul to Soul Communication" and "Grace". Visit or for more information. Contact Pamela at 719.404.4070 or by email.

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