Tips For Finding a Good Reader
Here are tips on finding a professional Psychic Reader and how to determine accuracy.

January 13th 2011 - As an Intuitive Reader for over 40 yrs in the process of receiving my Master Tarot Certification, I suggest the following tips for finding a quality psychic adviser...

* What is your readers client feedback like?
* How much private information does your reader ask for BEFORE your reading? {it is hoped as little as possible}

* Do they have only good feedback? {watch out for sugar coated readings}
* Are they certified? How long have they been reading?
* It is wise to start with a request for a reading on your NOW ...before believing unproven facts right away. If the information you are hearing rings true, it is more likely your adviser will be accurate on your other questions as well.
* Remember your greatest tool for judging accuracy is asking for a reading in the “Now” first. Only you know your life. Right?
* Remember a Psychic is not the same as a motivation speaker....whose job is to make you FEEL GOOD. If what you are hearing is too good to be true... it probably is.
* An intuitive worker's job is to tell you what they see, good and bad, and pick up patterns they observe that may be disrupting your life.
* It is your right to receive a professional polite reading at all times.
* It is vital you never be hounded or have your privacy interrupted by psychics demanding you make more appointments with them.
* Price is not an indication of quality; Client testimony is.


Like all professional workers each reader has their own style of reading.

* It is not expected that each Psychic be a carbon copy of the other in a reading answer.
* It is hoped that each reader offer various viewpoints to solve your problem, but with the common denominator being, your better good.

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