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Winter SunRise and SunSet Ritual
Humans are the only species who forget. Rituals are an amazing way to remember and re-pattern.

November 28th 2010 - 11/15-12/12
2nd Month Moon = Planet/Universe Calendar
RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet

Osiyo cherished Community,

SunRise Ritual Human Beings are the only species who can forget. Daily Ritual is a valued exercise of honoring awakening from a sleep of purging yesterdays. Rising with an empty mind and being available to be teachable. Each Portal Direction below is a ‘real’ movement of GrandMother Earth and her families. Choose thriving go Outdoors sometime between 4 am and 11 am – in the North direction. If tough weather then open a window and use visualization to be outside. Copy, Cut and past your personal Family Clan where there are blanks, If you do not know your Family Clans, visualize our Planet and Universe. Rituals are specific to each Monthly Moon Cycles. Chi-Ho,

Read this paragraph (which is condensed morning Ritual) and/or read entire morning Ritual:
Clap hands 3 times - Face North Say, “ I am awake, aware, and available. I serve, share and seek our Planet and Universe as GrandMother Moon, GrandMother Earth and her families, GrandFather Sun, Seasons, BeLoved TASOM and Buffalos. I honor all Portals, Clans, my bodies, my human families, communities and my Family Clans. I am Winter awakening as GrandFather Sun’s short days and long nights. I might be challenged to balance my day’s commitments with the new schedules of light and dark. I trust my Family Clans will teach me. Writing my commitments simplifies my living.”

Face North/Winter/color is White say, “First Quarter Moon is flexing my boundaries. Checking to see if there are leaks, stuck places or other peoples snagging me. My Family Clans they see all know all.”

Face East/Spring/color is Yellow say, “Full Moon is naked transparency. I have prepared my intimate Circles My Family Clans support naked Truths.”

Face South/Summer/color is Red say, “Last Quarter of the Moon is the possibility of dream mapping and maturation. My Family Clans dream sneezed me.”

Face West/Autumn/color is Black say, “80% of our Planet and my bodies is waters. Thusly, GrandMother Moon is the boss of much of my Anatomy and Emotions. The Dark/New Moon is securing personal boundaries, when I reach my hands out from me as far as I can in front, behind, above and below this is my personal space. I now go within my introspection and surrender to my shadows. My Family Clans are always within my safe boundaries as I go inside of them when I am given permission.”

Face Above/Inner Plane/Astral/Star Beings/color is Magenta say, “ I am the echo mirror of Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Rivers, Oceans…overs and overs. All are infinite life. The process of my LifeWork diversifies with each life. Maps of sustainability are My Family Clans Hawk, Dragonfly, Inn Plane, Astral and Star Beings.

Face Below/ UnderWorld/colors are Rainbow say, “The Portals of the Below awaken between 4pm and 11am. My Mind, Body and Spirit are full. Deep sleep assists my whole bodies housekeeping as purging, surrender and release. I empty with the help of My Family Clans .”

Power Ally/before my bodies/color is Shimmering say, “All of my life’s essence, experiences and stories are recorded by My Power Ally . Their records nudge my wild instincts to use my overflow energies as a savings account and be responsible for today, the future 13 generations, and the last 13 generations.

Within Portals/ my living Essence/color is Crystal say, “I breathe myself inside of My Family Clans . My vigor center is my primary Journey Song, within my core that reflects and aligns with the middle of the Planet to the backbone of the Universe. I exhale everything inside of me out through my nucleus Journey Song, allowing everything outside of me to enter through my Journey Song. This is my safest boundary process and instincts of compassion of all and myself.

Winter is the appreciation of enough and the time of surrender. All of GrandMother Earth and her families are giving you permission to release your expectations. Take time to know yourself. Respect time is the boss. Why value denial? Why value, “If I do what I have always done I will be who I have always been.” Start conversations with, “How can we allow holidays to be safer, simpler and sweeter?” Chi-Ho!

SUNSET RITUAL is trusting that today is Enough by respecting the power of closure. A whole day means your mind, body and spirit are full. Sleep is the means of purging, empting and surrendering. Should there be a tomorrow you will be available to fill again. Go outside outdoors or at an open window sometime between 4 pm to 11 pm.

Face North. Clap your hands loud three times saying, “I surrender, release, and let go. Today is enough just as it is. I reach into me and put my Physical, Mental and Emotion Bodies into the UnderWorlds; I offer out my Spirit Bodies to GrandMother Moon. I shake my arms and legs into GrandFather Sun’s setting and throw my bones into the StonePeoples. I twirl and swirl in the mystery of resting with others. There is no promise of tomorrow. I allow deep sleep and release my Mind, Body and Spirit to empty. An empty bowl greets Messengers and Messages? I accept closure of one day being one whole life. Now this day is free whewwww Chi-Ho.”

Inside as a satellite of your outside Shaman Way Wheel have 3 Stones that designate opening the day at SunRise-have one Stone that points in the direction of the current Season, one Stone representing the Moon Cycle, and one Stone directing for your awakened commitments and then making some changed movement in the 3-Stones that indicate closing the day. In other words, awake as current focus. LifeWork. Family. Close the Day as Enough.

How to become our Planet and Universe is a commitment, repeating rituals for as long as it takes -Even with blundering interpreting. Allow our Planet and Universe to decide how to use their Wisdom. Example: a deer is not a sweet reflection of the human who sees the deer. Or An Eagle doesn’t appear just to acknowledge your power. These are shallow experiences encourage the human’s narcissi. Rather: Dematerializing to go inside of an Eagle to hear their Teaching, hopefully, instructs us to re-pattern behaviors that are supporting our Planet and Universe.

So far, Northern Hemisphere Seasons are loosely the following.
The Seasonal designations Circle with the New Moon Cycles.
GrandMother Earth’s birthday is 8/23 to 12/12, then she dies from 12/13 to 3/6, then reincarnate from 3/7 to 5/29, opens Portals for maturation of dreams 5/30 to 8/22.

2nd Month Moon
Northern Hemisphere
Season: Winter Snow Time
Wind Influence: Waziya
Element: Earth
Moon Totem: Owl
Plant Totem: Dandelion
Mineral Totem: Aquamarine
Color: Indigo
Growth: 4th Journey Song. Self-nurturing that is a commitment of compassion that overflows and has giveaway for others. Learns compassion from GrandMother Earth and her families. Knows the difference between empathy and sympathy – victim and student. When stuck this JS is alcohol and other substance addictions.
Compatible: Summer Flowering Moon Peoples most compatible

2nd Moon 4th Journey Song begin the Spirally upward from 1st thru 8th–

1. Crown – Magenta (although some people prefer white or gold)
2. Brow – Violet
3. Throat – Yellow
4. Heart – Blue
5. Solar Plexus– Orange
6. Sacral – Turquoise
7. Base– Red
8. Feet – Green

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GrandMother Earth and her families