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Quantum-Touch Therapy: A Rotator Healing Story
Process of the healing of three muscles in the Rotator Cuff cancelling surgery

November 26th 2010 - Quantum-Touch® Therapy: A Rotator Cuff Healing Story
by Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Practitioner/Instructor
Just over a year ago, a client left a message about a friend who could use my help. Reluctant to make the call, I waited a few days, and received a second call. The message was that it was important for this contact to be made as there was a surgery appointment in early January and that perhaps I could help the friend who was scheduled for surgery. I made the call, and the results are now history.

The friend was a dancer whose left shoulder had been damaged and the scheduled surgery was to repair several torn muscles in the rotator cuff. The surgery date was early January and this was now near Christmas. As I always do, I was really clear in that I had no idea whether or not Quantum-Touch could make any significant difference, but it could possibly help with the pain. The work I do, I, as I assured my client creates the space for the body to do whatever it needs to do and that I can never predict the result. I just do my work, and the body does what it needs to do. It is basically out of my hands. I did, however, say that in this type of case it is important to have a few sessions close together to create a stronger impact if there is going to be a significant, lasting change. I then scheduled 4 appointments over the next 2 weeks.

On the initial visit, I did my work for 1-1/2 hours, and when I was finished, I asked if the arm could be raised. The arm remained on the table, total immobile. When my client stood up and rotated both fists and the right arm muscles moved but the left arm muscles remain totally immobile. Initially, it seemed that nothing had happened during that session. Then I checked the level of the shoulders. Upon arrival, the left shoulder was higher than the right, following the session, the left shoulder had dropped almost three inches. It was lower than the right and my client reported that the enormous pressure previously felt on the left shoulder was gone.

Three days later, I again worked on this left arm. This time I felt a lot of movement in the shoulder and arm. The muscles felt like they were moving around and following this 1-1/2 hours, when I asked if the arm could be lifted, it could, but there with significant pain. From a standing position, when the fists were made to check out the mobility of the muscles, comparing the right and left arms, there was muscle movement in the left arm, but it was not a synchronistic movement with the right arm. When raising the arm, there was a lot of pain.

Three days later we again met to do this work. Again, I felt a lot of muscle movement and at the end of the session when I again asked if the arm could be raised, it was be raised above the head, and all around. There was now, not only freedom of movement but also freedom from pain. When in a standing position, the muscles in both arms moved in tandem, and it was only when the arms were held out straight in front and the fists rotated again, that the muscle movement was not entirely synchronized. It was decided that this could be worked on in private by my client and our work together was complete. The arm has remained pain free and totally functional since that third appointment,

In a Quantum-Touch therapy class, we teach students of the importance of trusting the intelligence of the body to use the energy in the way it needs to create the result that is appropriate for each client. This concept takes an enormous amount of trust to accept. It also creates the need for the practitioner to get out of the way and allow the body to do its own work. It is also important to know that the energy goes where it is needed whether I put my hands in the proper place or not, the energy will go where it is necessary to produce the result the client requires at that time. This is perhaps one of the most difficult concepts to actually get as a student new to the concept of energy work. It is, as well, the most rewarding as an experienced practitioner working with energy for more than 15 years, I continue to be in awe of the magnificence of the body intelligence when I observe the results of my simply holding the space for the body to do its own work. Sometimes it takes several sessions for the results to begin to be visible. It is always possible that work is being done at a level that is not available to my eyes, my sensing nor to the awareness of the client. Sometimes there is a psychological results being manifested that is beyond our awareness, and the physical result we are expecting will only come later. This is when the trust issue becomes extremely important…..trusting that there are results happening beyond what we can see and feel. I have, however, learned that there is always a beneficial result happening somewhere and may only be in the realm of awareness some time in the future. Most often, however, in the case of physical issues, particularly those related to recent injuries, the results are fast and observable, as in the above case.

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