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Touched by Quantum-Touch
Description of the process of healing that can take place in a Quantum-Touch therapy workshop

November 26th 2010 - Touched by Quantum Touch

In a recent Quantum Touch workshop, I learned that we all have the ability to heal ourselves. It is by opening our own floodgate of energy that we can go beyond that which we presently believe. We can cease to be self-limiting and choose instead to put cells, bones and bodily functions back into perfect harmony. We can restore our own well-being and be left feeling the peace in our bodies that we were meant to know; before we were tainted by traumas inflicted on us by simply living our lives as physical beings on this good Earth.

Beneath our feet are complicated stories, tainted with pain and hardships that have entered us. Traumas trapped in us long ago are there still waiting to heal, to move out and dissipate, once again leaving us in peace. Quantum Touch healing brings with it also an emotional release, a sense of being cradled tenderly, of receiving a perfect 3 breath hug. As healing energy ran through me, cloudy currents were released, swirling down the drain like dirty water from a bathtub, the remains of my muddy feet all gone.

Through QT I learned how to run healing energy into me. Under Aileen McKenna’s guidance, using the amplified breathing techniques and the power of focus and intention, It healed me. I was in considerable pain entering the 2 day QT workshop. I took it as I was awaiting a second MRI for my shoulder and I had already been told that I was in need of surgery to fix my wrist after it had shattered ‘like cornflakes’ in a slip on ice 8 months earlier. I’d been in 3 casts and the pain had never ceased screaming down the outside of my arm, even though it was the inner bone that had broken through the joint to the base of the thumb.

As the last cast came off and I tried to regain movement, extreme shoulder pain appeared and rotator cuff injuries were suspected due to my limited range of motion in 2 directions. I’d missed 2 weeks of work initially, I was going to physiotherapy religiously, and yet still it was excruciating to pull on a shirt or open my car door. I couldn’t wash my back and I hadn’t been able to sleep on my left side since the Boxing Day fall. I woke up every morning with deep shoulder joint pain while my wrist felt continually like it was trapped in a vice. I had a sense of remorse every time I tried to use my left side, and had begun to worry of a limited future with no ability to do proper exercise again or have a full nite of peaceful sleep.

After hearing a short introduction, I was struck by Aileen’s stories of healing results from this simple modality she called Quantum Touch. So I entered the next 2 day workshop she was offering, thinking “What can it hurt?” I came away knowing that I had just experienced a more eloquent solution to pain management and healing than I could ever have imagined had I not witnessed the power myself! I left thinking “I can’t believe what has just happened to me!”

By the end of the first day, with several sessions of giving and receiving hands on energy, I felt as if I’d had a deep massage in my shoulder, wrist and neck. I’d also undergone a tearful emotional release. The next morning I awoke pain free, lying comfortably on my left side for the first time in 8 months! I sprang out of bed to my mirror and raised my arms to see how my outward range of motion was to find it was hugely increased! Only tightness remained and a sense of needing to stretch gently, no movement was excruciating as it had been previously. My spirit soared me into the workshop on the second day and I felt even more of the same magical treatment continue on in me. I saw others there were experiencing the same mysterious process and a sense of positive blessings also.

Two weeks later, the healing still goes on. I continue to sense and see palpable movements which start up of their own accord, energy that undulates gently between my shoulder, elbow and wrist. Deep red-purple patches have appeared under the skin and continue to move around my outer wrist bone. I sense this is QT energy still bringing new circulation to this damaged and long deprived injured area. At times the inner bone pulses of its own accord, upward toward my thumb. With it comes a sense of warmth as if the bone is somehow righting itself, strengthening, straightening, doing whatever it needs to do to make itself fully functional again. I have a sense my body has entered into a process that I can trust.

I know now there is no surgery in my future, in spite of what the MRIs and x-rays have shown and the specialist doctors have said. I was told by one specialist ‘you can’t heal bone with prayer’, perhaps not, but you can with Quantum Touch simply by using your own energy!

Although my first desire for QT was focusing on my own physical injury and pain, I sense the healing story for my family has just begun. My younger daughter has a rare genetic disease that affects her joints, at times limits her physical activity, and causes allergies and migraines. She also suffers from generalized anxiety disorder, and at times depression with sleep issues as a result. She is very excited by results from my QT healing progress and now She is keen to experience for herself the power of what she has witnessed of QT in me. She will take the next workshop that is offered by Aileen McKenna on October 16 & 17. Stay tuned for more results, as I sense the healing story for my family has just begun !

With metta & intent to share the truth of what has happened to me as a result of QT!

Trish Johnson / Resounding Truth of the Source

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