Pick a Lane
What if any decision were the correct one? Why making a choice and sticking with it is always better than waffling in indecision.

November 20th 2010 - Some people are very decisive and some just have a tough time settling on an option and sticking with it. Many of these people are paralyzed by the fear that they might make the wrong choice. But what if there were no wrong decisions? If every option had the potential to be the right one, how could you ever go wrong?

Of course, some options are easier, cheaper, happen more quickly, etc. Most of us would prefer to go this route and this is what we agonize about when making decisions. Ironically, this type of analysis and over-thinking may actually lead to the "wrong" decision. We tend to talk ourselves into a particular option rather than ending up with what we really want or need. In most cases going with your first impression or your gut instinct will give you the best information. Malcolm Gladwell's 2005 book "Blink: The Power of Thinking Without Thinking" explores this concept in depth. A part of the human brain, known as the adaptive unconscious, works much like a super-computer to give us useful information very quickly and with little input. Other people have different names for this same phenomenon. They may call it intuition or inner-knowing. If you have a tough time hearing or heeding your inner-knowing, it may be useful to spend some time in quiet contemplation or to ask for assistance from spiritual guides. And as with everything, practice will improve your skill level.

Even if you aren't very good at listening to your intuition, you can still make the right choice on a regular basis simply by making a choice of some sort. Indecision is a huge time waster. Better to "pick a lane" and then drive the car the best you can in that lane, rather than to never start the trip at all because you are afraid to make a mistake. It may not be the smoothest journey, but if you believe that most of life is a learning and growth opportunity, then there are no errors. All great inventions and explorations were achieved by people who weren't afraid to make a mistake. Doing something incorrectly only means what you decide that it means, so when faced with a dilemma, go with what feels right. If you still don't know which way to go, just choose something and then do what it takes to make that the "right" choice.

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