Are more spiritulaists leaving long relationships?
One day you wake up and you just KNOW its time to leave. Your partner is sullen, negative and frankly sees your "spirituality" as obnoxious. Your light worker friends stay away. The joy is gone within you.

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For many light workers it gets to the point where staying with someone that can’t stand their sunny attitude, creates a dull shade of gray within.  Choosing to live with one’s opposite can be either funny, or spiritual suicide. Choosing to be a cool breeze and rainbows of light, living with shadows of negativity, aloofness and anger can become lonely.  On the other hand, a perfect landscape has both sun and shade to play in.

But when “the gray” happens, the spiritual attitude “opposites” tend to take over the relationship landscape.  The play stops. At this point staying in the spiritually gray relationship is like choosing spiritual suicide.  Many Light Workers are deciding at this point to stop abusing their Angels with negative inner chatter and move on. But why do light workers stay in gray relationships? Five different people will choose five completely different choices to escape a negative situation.  An example of this is how people choose to escape abuse.


Five people that have experienced rape, abuse or intolerable living situations can take 5 different pathways.  What are some of those choices?

  • PERSON ONE – Repeats their past by choosing to live love like a car crash.

  • PERSON TWO – Chooses to become an achiever to prove personal self worth

  • PERSON THREE – Chooses to become a therapist for people going through abuse.

  • PERSON FOUR – Chooses drugs, alcohol or abuse to live in denial of their misery.

  • PERSON FIVE - Chooses to shut them selves away.


One day you wake up and you just KNOW its time to leave.   It’s like waking up to a poster on your wall you used to love. Suddenly you realize  you have grown internally and the poster feels childish. The longer you leave it up, the more you may even begin to hate it.  The problem is you can take the poster down off your wall.  A relationship needs compassionate and considerate separation.

Many light workers are realizing the most compassionate choice is to not live a lie.  It becomes impossible to live, teach or have friends of light, if a relationship becomes suffocating and exhausting. Perhaps the best choice is to not ignore your light. Allow your angels to guide you to the best path. Stop fighting your gut feeling.

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