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Glossary of Understanding of Language
Words are words, language is Wind revealing and moving. Over time earthbased verbal focus has changed. This Glossary guides how to be honoring and available by the tones/guidance of words.

June 22nd 2010 - GrandMother Earth, GrandFather Sun, GrandMother Moon

What a struggle this communication, not like the good ole days when humans just spoke like nature or grunted or giggled to each other with various movements.

As Shaman Way is becoming more available and doable this also means singing the truth of the words used. Words if used truthfully can call healing movement and teaching/transformation. In other words movement is possible. If used in ignorance or politically they get stuck. Urban and so-called civilized life is often stuck and shallow.

Do you notice peoples speak of our planet and their families differently? My families and many Indigenous Tribes guided me to be available, humble and teachable from the languages discussed below. We call words/voice our Wind. Wind is where all language began. I am tormented by people’s organized religions and New Age who feels I just need to be saved to One God who loves unconditionally – then I will finally be with my Higher Power. When my energy is enough I try to understand their training. If tomorrow I find the magic wand many feel they serve then I will let you know. As of today I choose to be a many dimensional – Cycle, Circle, Spiral, Compost, Mystery, Rain, Ocean, etc. being. Serving, sharing and seeking the guidance to transmute and transform as guided by our planet and Universe.

If you go inside of
GrandMother Earth and her families
available and listening
they will teach you
and you will re-weave
your ‘existent’ Families
If you do not go inside or listen
to GrandMother Earth and her families'
you will know nothing
and what you do not know
You will fear.
What one fears one destroys.
By BeLoved TASOM

Earthbased Spirituality – people often seek me out to find their Native Family Ancestry. Ouch, go get lots of money and spend an exhausting amount of guesses as to how to bribe a reservation. The rules have changed yearly since 1800’s. DNA can’t break the mystery of your bloodroot or soul. I give these seekers permission to thrive without documents or politics of male dominance. Being native is not another way of individuality. For the courageous peoples who will retrieve their true native and/or indigenous blood codes;
Choose our Universe, GrandMother Earth and her families FIRST EACH SUNRISE.
Choose your true Creators before yourself or anything human. If you will do this daily, yearly, and true ThreadPeoples blood code is retrieved. ThreadPeoples do not see themselves as a Soul, the know themselves as the Universe and their families of this planet. True ThreadPeoples do not have time to exclusive; they are engaged to become more functional and sustainable. They are too productive to be distracted by what others think of them.

Indigenous Shaman probably less than 500 female Indigenous Shamans are living and remembering today. Fewer follow their lifetimes of commitment. The first humans on the planet were 13 womyn. They were called to serve the Sacred Bowl. 12 womyn agreed to spend all of their lives on the rim of the Sacred Bowl being a Portal for the lessons flowing through the Sacred Bowl from our Universe, GrandMother Earth and her families. The 13th womyn became the Shaman. GrandMother Moon as the Portal 12 womyn birthing other females to be students of our Universe and GrandMother Earth and her families. Later the First World 12 men were birthed. These men were back to back with the 12 womyn as the focus and safety coming from each of the 12 womyn. The female Shaman is the Portal of movement and observations when the human will causes the lessons of the Sacred Bowl to become stuck. Today to retrieve a commitment of Shaman Way is to live in remote Nature. Committed to remember your Family Clans as sources of your bloodroot, nourishment and thriving. Seasonally moving as guided by nature. This is probably the first century Shamans have children/families. So I guess this means we are Spirit birthed (giggle). In recent generations men have taken the Shield of Shaman to protect all the origin female Shamans who were genocide by civilization. You could be an Urban Shaman just by the dedication/appreciation to live a sustainable life without blaming anyone for anything.

Indigenous unfortunately a name applied to ThreadPeoples by missionaries, ethnologists, researchers, governments and internment camps – also called reservations. Beginning days many womyn and children were called Indigenous so they could be stolen. Also men so they could be stolen for first slaves of mining. Others and myself use Indigenous as a way to have common passage of thoughts, stories and movement.

Native American/First Nations/American Indian also a name to have common passage of understanding. If identity is used politically then their lives are consumed in fear, flight, fight and polarization. To be right or wrong is not possible on this planet. As of today other planet life is not optional. Enrollment documents are sometimes given to people who have some documented birth proof of having a matrimonial relative previously declared native. As few early people were born in hospitals the so-called documentation process is skewed and subjective. Some documents follow people who live on reservations forced by early American Wars. Reservation enrollment is a continual strife to collect monies guaranteed in previous Treaties. The first men to arrive in boats and genocide North America took native womyn as their seed depository. By my math that makes everyone enrollment ready by this generation.

Creators ThreadPeoples would not be childish as to wait for one Creator to tell them what to do. Living is transforming rather than being a child with dysfunctional behaviors who depends on forgiveness. Rather they know all Creators are to be served, shared and sought. Childhood is the time most connected to the other side. Adult life is to be functional and sustaining. They are the boss – Spiritual Authority – Higher Power of ThreadPeoples, Animas, Shinto and other Earthbased Spirituality.
God (I do not speak for peoples created from God or their God) I reflect God is the creator of peoples who believe in Jesus and other relative identities. Authenticity is supporting those who live their beliefs.
Gods/Goddesses are based from Hindu and other aspects of creator/s source.

Gaia is the time before humans and very few land creatures. Gaia is a sound more than a word. When asking to be taught by Gaia or saying respect to Gaia - these are the teachings of that time period.
Dreaming Fire is the time before humans and very little earth, sky, and ocean life. This is the time our now GrandFather Sun had an affair with GrandMother Moon, their passion and movement attracted the birthing of Gaia.

Mother Earth is the time of birthing and transformation to the age of puberty. All beings including the water, land and sky creatures, as well as humans. When giving respect to or asking to be taught by Mother Earth; these are the teachings of that time period.
Father Sun or Sky Father time of birthing all beings. He rises in passion and sets in death.

GrandMother Earth is the time of now – the last 4 or so million years.
GrandMother Earth is inclusive of all her time periods of transmutation and transformation.
GrandFather Sun is the time of now – the last 4 + million years.

GrandMother Moon is all inclusive of time she is infinite. Her teachings are about the now, the future and the past.
GrandFather Moon is Hindu and the teachings of many gods and goddess.

When giving respect or asking for teachings be vigilant to designate ‘who and when’
in directing energies or questions in regard to serving, sharing seeking and respect.
Be specific in regard to your availability and humility.

Ceremony – Humility – Respect – Honor meditations, thoughts, choices, actions, decisions, and more that participate as Circles in appreciation, humility, fun, grieving, etc. Often includes the present, future and past. The story and meaning of the Ceremony is symbolic. Ceremony is for the purpose of acknowledgement and movement.
Ritual is the process of really understanding humans. Humans are the only species who forget Ritual is specific for their re-patterning. Therefore, a Ritual is repetitive for as long as it takes for peoples to become functional and sustaining.

Prayer is delicate conversation. We do not want to offend other religions, or One God peoples. Though saying this word acknowledges only people of ‘God’. Leaves out people of other ‘Ways’. Please know we want to support native peoples who have left their roots and joined organized religion. We have experienced great difficulty trying to mix earthbased faith and organized religion. The word prayer doesn’t call to our Ancestors, Family Clans or honesty. Prayer doesn’t teach our native Ceremonies, Rituals, Celebrations and Sacred Sites – Symbols. Native people see our planet as our Creators. As appreciation, Prayer is a voice to God. In truth prayer is not the way of Indigenous/Native peoples. Our language was stolen, our faith was punished, our ceremonies changed, etc. by many centuries of missionaries and various organized groups. Many do not remember the genocide of our traditions/Ritual, Ceremony, Creators, and Celebration as our roots. Many generations of indigenous peoples are in interment camps and have become robotic as not really belonging to a faith. Every peoples do their best to survive with what they are taught. When a native didn’t use the words ‘prayer, blessing, miracle, Creators, etc., the native was either punished, he/she lost their job or their families were bullied. Some books appear as though they are the creed of the natives. Often the writer changes the intention of native peoples by including his religious views, gender and orientation beliefs, this is not the truth of the peoples they are writing about. Who challenges these writers when they hold God/Great Spirit and Prayer as the author?

Healing Medicine Includes all mental, physical, emotional and spiritual applications. Some include plants, stones, song, dance, rituals, ceremonies, etc. Some have constant teaching of encouraging peoples to have direct relationships with GrandMother Earth and her families. Healing/teaching usually doesn’t include Ancestors as contacting Ancestors can trigger generations of violence, chaos, and genocide. By becoming the nature natives/others the individual/group find truth/trust. Humans were never to be the source for trust/honesty. Humans are the portals for the truth/trust/honesty/faith of GrandMother Earth and her families. Does this awaken the confusion about truth/trust/authenticity - as this is consumer driven today because it is between humans?

Ancestors are former-humans who will never return to our planet as humans. They are to be retrieved with Shamanic guidance. They are not a casual-tourism experience. They are dimensions of our acknowledgement to all who have endured and highlight the consequences of today. Often they are reflected as the complexity in our thoughts, actions, decisions and consequences. Many tribes focus only on Ancestors, this is very dangerous. This abuse is from the histories of ‘native’ peoples ways being hidden and changed.
Elder is the Rite of Passage to reflect the complex years of becoming functional as an adult. Elders do not necessarily have all the lessons and consequences. Elders are a symbol of respecting and honoring the processes of transformation and growth. When aging was seen as a victim or weak status the humanity changed genetic codes to become ageless. Unfulfilling expectations in shallow reality.

Clan Mothers are the threads/tether/link and Keepers of the Sacred Bowl of priorities. Clan Mothers guide transformation, transmutation and change. Their life thought, choices, decisions and actions are their examples. These examples set the bar for functional adults in sustainable communities.
Chief is chosen by Clan Mothers to be the masculine example of supporting the Sacred Bowl of priorities. The Chief co-partners with Clan Mothers in designing Sun Dance, Ceremonies, Rituals, Moon Calendar/Seasonal guidance, and protection of Shaman Way Medicine Wheel.

Family Clan/Totem – Some in Urban Shamanism, New Age, people of God who operate on their own menu. They seek Totems as an animal that makes them feel special - kind of like the current Astrology. These peoples want more ways to spend their time on themselves. Some are searching for some way to make sense of why humans, the only species with free will/choice, is on a planet designed for everything but free will/choice. A Family Clan/Totem is a specific color, element, plant, tree, mineral, or creature of whom you an actual family member with. In other words in the very beginning creations you were not human you were this Clan. The Great Mystery is something at some time that became human. The percentages of Clan and human are constantly transmuting.

Power Animal specific color, element, plant, tree, mineral, or creature who is dedicated to you from your first Shimmering, before eyes, bones or heart. They name themselves and are with you until there is no time. They are like a library or computer who records every thought, action, consequence and relationship. A Power Animal is too big to work with without the guidance and protection of a trained Shaman. If you act like a tourist you could open Portals that have more work than this Lifetime could handle, you would then become sick from your ignorance.

Remember living is for movement rather than constant need for approval. Being stuck is the embarrassment/discomfort to appreciate movement.

Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries,
Rain, Oceans, over and over. The design template of all species.
Pain is the Portal of Birth,
Pain is the Portal of death, and
Pain is our Ally.
And yet we still possess the greatest of all freedoms,
the intention of developing our innermost selves
in synchronization with the ethical order of the Universe,
and so learning acceptance of self and others whatever obstacles we meet.
By BeLoved TASOM

Shaman Way Medicine Wheel Indigenous cosmology has a gift that is ancient and sacred – the Threads that began our creations. A Wheel is the Teachings and relationships by the Cycles, Circles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Ocean = over and over. Here is a sample of today’s Wheel. Remember it is globular not flat. The dates are incorrect, as they do not correctly flow as the origin 13 Moon Monthly Calendar of 28 days x 13 Moons. This drawing doesn’t include the Above, Below and Within Portals.

Friends – relations – intimacy I have not experienced yet that humans can find love or family in other humans. It is like the cart before the horse. Humans get to seek and retrieve their relations from the natural families of the Universe and our planet. What they retrieve is nature’s overflow. Nature keeps what it needs for their sustaining and occasionally has overflow. If a human is awake enough to receive and integrate they eventually may have overflow. If another human is available and giving permission, they may share their overflow. Over time this is familiarity, in other words family – friendship – intimacy – community.

The following legend is a teaching of a symbolic-time period that teaches familiarity and true families of humans. Do you see our planet and nature as a Hallmark Card’, New Age-love, thing or consumable?

A Maidu Legend
A legend is generations of storytelling as ceremony and ritual. Connecting generations of stories based on infinite life. Stories/legends are to be connected in Rite of Passage as well as lessons without expectation of completion.

Father Sun and GrandMother Moon lived inside the huge hollow rocks of Rock House. Their light did not shine from the sky, so the People and the Animals lived in darkness.

Now Coyote, who is the Teacher by using teasing and humor, thought it would be great fun to dump some fleas on Father Sun and Mother Moon. So he began to gather the fleas and place them in bags. On his way to Rock House he met Rabbit. When Coyote bragged about his bags of fleas, Rabbit would not believe him. They began to argue. Between them, Rabbit and Coyote began to tug on one of the bags. As Rabbit yanked it from Coyote's grasp, the bag opened and the fleas spilled out on the ground. And to this day, Rabbit and Coyote are always learning from fleas.

Rabbit liked Coyote's idea of taking the fleas to Rock House. So together they trudged up the peak to Rock House carrying the bags of fleas. As they walked they tried to think of a plan to get the fleas inside of Rock House.

Along the path they found Gopher digging a hole. They decided to include Gopher in their trick. Gopher could dig a hole down through the soil to Rock House. When they reached the top of the peak, Gopher began to dig quietly so Father Sun and GrandMother Moon would not be alarmed. As soon as Gopher backed out of the hole, Coyote and Rabbit shook the bags of fleas down the opening. Then they plugged up the hole and ran away feeling very pleased with themselves.

The fleas soon covered Father Sun and GrandMother Moon. When GrandMother Moon trusted the teachings of the fleas, she flew out of Rock House and began to circle the Earth. Father Sun followed GrandMother Moon out of Rock House. They raced around the Earth trying to liberate those fleas.

That is why, to this day, the Sun follows the Moon across the sky.

A Maidu Legend though often claimed by Cherokee. The Maidu are among the most gifted basket makers and weavers of storytelling. As a legend, which has never been previously recorded, it is being placed on Cherokees of California's webpage so that others may "hear the words" once again. Rock House is the Southern Maidu name for Paines Peak.


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