Entities, Thought Forms, Etheric Patterns? What are they!

June 17th 2010 - Entities ! What are they ?

Entities are many things. They may have previously lived in some form as human, animal or plant. Sometimes they are non-physical spirits waiting to be formed for this dimension. We may encounter entities as Angelic Beings, Light Beings, or Spirit and Animal Guides that we may call upon for counsel. Others are mischievous creatures, such as Sprites and Nagas. For example, some feel that the entities we know as "Leprechauns" are such, and that humans, limited by our conceptual abilities, have given a more familiar form of "little people" to the entities. Entities can sometimes be a detached element of a living person's persona or animus and may attach to someone else.

Thought Forms
are usually a consciously formed structure that is created to interact with a living being. These forms can be positive, such as those a parent imparts to their children, or a healing form placed on an injury or illness. Often thought forms are created to convey a "curse," consciously or unconsciously. The power of emotional trauma and accompanying transference can make you feel or take on the energy of divorce; illness, bankruptcy, trauma or death. Skillfully constructed thought forms can be very complex and difficult to remove. 

Etheric Patterns
often appear very similar to ghosts, however these are the energetic patterns left by someone or something that had very specific habits or repetitive movements. These patterns, unlike ghosts or entities, tend to be fixed in place. For example, if you move into a new home where someone else had a routine, day after day, year after year, of getting up, going to the bathroom and then going into the kitchen to put on the coffee; they may have left that pattern of energy, just like a worn spot on the carpet. This is a very simple thing to clear. Sometimes etheric patterns are caused by a sudden traumatic event, violence, or death. 

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