Who Do You Think You Are? Or Who Am I?

- Personal identity is a funny thing.

I am a mother, daughter, sister, aunt.

I am a lover, a friend, an acquaintance, and sometimes someone who isn't liked very much.

I am also a university graduate, an administrator, an artist, a healer/practitioner and perhaps now, a writer too.

But all these parts define what I do, and not who I am, even though; and knowing better, I may identify myself with one or more of these roles depending upon my state of consciousness, my environment and what I'm trying to project within that context. Of course, there is the question: Well why try to project anything? But we do project often and consistently; and, usually without recognizing that we have become the definition, if not the outcome, of who we 'think' we are. We may only recognize ourselves by what we do or by what we say we do. We see ourselves as we hope others see us, even in the face of knowing the nature of this, our own personal ruse; the ego's costumes worn and displayed - some obvious and some so very subtle they line themselves with the cloak of invisibility.

As I sit in my meditative practice watching these inner characters or sub-personalities, if you will, tumble across my inner stage; as I practice this 'mindfulness' of simply watching what's there, there arises within, finally, a profound sensation of silence and sound, feeling and no-feeling, light and the void. And, as my consciousness rides those sweet and perfumed waves, the motions of my ego simply abate, sliding quietly into the background as I am awash, throughout my entire being, in an infinite ocean of an intense and singular peace.

How is it, that we are both the ego's creation and this immortal self? We embody duality and unity. This life is a a most precious gift. The breath comes to us conferring self-awareness and the possibility of becoming truly conscious beings. Simply knowing this is an Awakening, is it not?

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