My feeling is, just like the financial crash that happened over night in Wall Street, 9-11 and oil spill, when our demise happens there will not be a planned date or time o clock.

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It has gotten to the point where 2012 has lost its punch.  You know how styles of thinking, talking and dressing....even glasses frames for petes sake, seem fresh and exciting when they first arrive on the scene?  Year after year since yours and my grandparents existed in the scene, SOMEDAY.......SOMEHOW..........the end of the world was going to end in their time.  In the 50's everyone made bomb shelters for the end of civilization as we know it.  Sadly, they decayed and crumbled with out use. Heavens Gate committed group suicide in anticipation of the for sure arrival of aliens to take them away from "the end."  Movies about asteroids as big as New York flying to earth had us sleepless.  Then came along 2000 and we were all having our last farewell New Years eve parties before the end of the earth came.   Now we are sure the long dead ancient Aztec Civilization had it right, and with the lining up of the planets, {a much capitalized theme by dooms day movies, } our mass extinction is said, will be inevitable.


As humans it seems very important to have "a plan".  Knowing we can plan ahead for our 2012 mass extinction can be snugly fit into a box. If we just plan ahead, like an insurance plan, or 401 K investment, the tough part will just be figuring out how to plan for the worst.    My feeling is, just like the financial crash that happened over night in Wall Street and 9-11, when our demise happens there will not be a planned date or time o clock.  It will be the UNPLANNED events that get us every time. And here's how I know we're all getting bored with 2012.  The growing consensus now is that 2012 will be more a changing consciousness. And I believe this is the most realistic of all options, because as time passes it is an inevitable.


While some of us are doing spiritual cleansing rituals to cast away 2012 harm, others are rejoicing in the fact that for the first time in history many religions are starting to experience true brotherhood.   Christian churches are "meditating", popes are eying the sky for extraterrestrials and the Army is redefining that a "real man" may have little to do with being straight, gay or even having a penis. A real man is someone that sacrifices their life on the line for their country.

As science sees that "energy" truly exists and "other dimensions" within our own space, right here in the now are possible, a compassionate desire to "care to share" and let down boundaries can change consciousness. Especially when an old mentality no longer works.  But I won't go in to that because we have all heard that, read that and it too is "old stuff".  The time for talk will turn to proof.  With proof actions change everything. Perhaps that's what 2012 is all about.

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