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10th Moon/Month SunRise and SunSet Ritual
Rituals are repetitive ways to remember what we forget so easily. Humans gather and hunt from SunRise to SunSet this is whole life.

- 6/27-7/24
10th Moon/Month
RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet

SunRise Ritual (Outdoors between 4 am and 11 am – in the East direction. If you do not know your Family Clans, visualize Nature)

Write in your Family Clans from your Medicine Wheel Reading.

Face South say, “I receive 100 movements of in and out, or ebb and flow, or 100 sets of breathing, or movement of enough energies. I get that this is what is awake at SunRise. I will agree to make priorities of how to distribute this valued movement. I am awake and functional. I choose to begin my reality as Wind, Water, Fire, Ocean/Earth, GrandFather Sun, BeLoved TASOM, Buffalos, and
My Family Clans_________________. Will I value the freedom to distribute my 100? Does this support our planet and humanity? (Meditate as long as doable by going inside the ocean tides). Chi-Ho

Face West say, “ I am teachable within My Family Clans_____________________________________.”

Face North say, “ I am teachable within My Family Clans_____________________________________.”

Face East say, “I am teachable within
My Family Clans___________________________”

Face Above say, “ I am the growth-transitions of Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain, Rivers, Oceans…all are infinite life.
My LifeWork in process. Inspiration is
My Family Clans____________________________.”

Face Below say, “Healthy sleep is survival. Wellbeing is My Family Clans____________________________.”

Power Ally say,” I am remembered by My Power Ally__________________________________.”

Within say, “I breathe myself inside of My Family Clans____________________________________. There is inner-diversity and compassion for myself.”

Dreams began with last Autumn and now they are matured. Will I lose them or fulfill them? Do blame, fear, righteousness and avoiding - heal others, our planet or myself? Is it possible what I know to be obvious is not the whole vision? I will consider rest for the internet and television. More room for dreams.
Chi-Ho! (Leave a pinch of indigenous seeds in gratitude)

SUNSET RITUAL is GRATITUDE. (Outdoors or at an open window between 4 pm to 11 pm)

Face South Clap your hands loud three times then say, “I am enough. I release, relinquish and free. Has tomorrow ever been promised? Will GrandFather Sun shake me out of my bones and throw my bones into the StonePeoples? Do my Mental, Physical, Emotional Bodies pause? Do they rest in the UnderWorlds of GrandMother Earth, her families and the spirits of the Ancients? If GrandMother Moon will accept, I now twirl and swirl, freeing my Spirit Bodies to her. I value as my wealth the nightly healing sleep. I accept purging my whole bodies. If I release my Mind and Bodies will I have enough room to receive Messengers and Messages? Is it possible peoples can join GrandMother Earth and her families in the DreamTime? Here I go, ready or not this day is done Enough, all of today began as Enough, wheww Chi-Ho.” (Close your eyes and honestly appreciate the phenomenon of a whole life, one day at a time)

9th Moon 5/30 thru 6/26
Write a personal creed. This is my current cycle.
Personal Creed
I accept being Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals, Compost, Mysteries, Rain.
I intend to serve, share and seek GrandMother Moon, GrandMother Earth, GrandFather Sun and all their families. I do Rituals daily to respect all. I intend to support Elders and children with my time, resources and my healing. I intend to speak, feel and inspire without limitation, in others words the glass is half full, rather than half empty. I keep my nose in front of me so as not to judge others and myself. I am too busy as a functional adult to feed blame, shame and ain’t it awful. Will I choose to ask questions rather than have opinions or statements? My intuition is aware of ‘Am I moving or am I stuck?’ Laughter is great healing for embarrassment, mistakes and flaws. They are wondrous teachers. To experience patience I live as Lifetimes, rather than expectation. I appreciate everything and everyone. Survival includes everyone, everywhere - we are a family.

Season – beginning Summer
Affinity Color: Red, Orange, And Green
Animal Totem – Deer
Compatibilities: Crows, Otter, Winter Moon peoples, Hard Freeze people
Conscious aim: To bring together
Direction – Southeast to strongest sun day – Summer Solstice
Earth Influence – The Flowering Time
Element – Fire middle of Earth
Elemental Clan: Butterfly (Air) Clan
Feelings: Sensitive but superficial
I Ching trigram – Tui. The Joyful Lake. Success comes thru endurance
Influencing Wind: The East-South Winds - Mouse totem: Frog
Intention: Versatility
LifeWork: Co-ordination
Mineral Totem – Rose Quartz
Moon Totem – Crow, Otter, Owl,
Movement Traits: Friendly, Witty, and Intellectual
Musical vibration – E natural
Must avoid – Moodiness, Inconsistency, superficiality
Must cultivate – Concentration, persistence, sympathy
Nature: Lively
Personality: Quick, Alert, Talkative, Congenial, Moody
Plant totem – seasonal leaf plants, Mullein, Cottonwood Tree/Fire Tree
Polarity: Owl
Predominant elements – Air with Fire
Sex-drive: Titillating
Spiritual alchemy – Yang predominates
Starting Totems – Deer, Eagle, Butterfly, Mullein, Agate, Owl
Stuck Traits: Inconsistent, Restless, Lazy, Despondent
Subconscious desire: Mastery of the mind

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