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Lemurian Light Healing: A Gift From the Ancients
This article tells the tale of the download of the Lemurian Light Healing System to Pamela Arwine in Tibet in 2005.

February 26th 2010 - I awoke in my room in the Lhasa Hotel in the bustling capital city of Tibet, with a rush of information coming into my head. In what seemed to be just an instant, in the space of just one breath, the instructions were complete, a blissful download, a precious gift from our ancestors.

There was a delicacy about them; a frequency of gentle lightness heralded their approach. They appeared to be physical, taking on the look of the beings they would ultimately evolve into. But there was a translucence, a lightness, a purity of form. They sometimes appeared little more than a thought form, close in vibration to the Creative Source of all. Light in so many ways, one could pick them up as easily as picking up a feather. There was a light within that radiated throughout their beings, bringing a quality of peace and serenity. As they walked on the unbelievably green grass of the forests and meadows, there appeared to be a string of lights, bright white lights. On first glance it looked as though they were carrying lanterns in front of their chests. As you moved closer, you discovered that the lights were shining from within them. The lights were coming from the open hearts of the people.

Their third eye and crown chakras were also wide open, leaving them with a wonderful gift for telepathy, clairvoyance and direct connection to the Divine Source of which they emanated. As they walked along the pebbled sand beaches or the leaf-littered paths of the green forests, no footprints followed in their wake. Sophisticated and refined, they had become the most influential people on earth. Their gentle natures led the way of so many, achieving such advancement in culture, science, spiritual technologies, healing and the arts. They lived in peacefulness and harmony for hundreds of years. Within such an environment, stress and disease were always easily and quickly healed. Their skill in the use of healing energies was unparalleled.

They instructed me to call in seven waves of the Lemurian energies. The first wave deals with the denser aspects of the physical body, such as bones, mass, structure, ligaments, tissues, muscles, and joints. The second wave is also physical energy, but lighter in nature. It deals with organs, glands, circulatory system, respiratory system, lymph system, all functioning systems of the body. In the use of both of these energies, it is useful to fill the body with golden earth energy as you work. This is because human beings today are denser in vibration than our Lemurian ancestors. The earth energy helps us to bridge that gap. In the use of these two energies, I was instructed to call in the Lemurian Master Physicians for assistance and guidance.

The third wave of Lemurian energy works on the clarification, healing, aligning and repatterning of the seven major chakras and the Etheric body. The fourth wave brings these healing elements through to the emotional, mental and the psychological bodies. The fifth wave of Lemurian energies extends the clearing and healing into the causal and spiritual bodies. I was told while working with these three energies to call on the assistance and guidance of the Lemurian Spiritual Counselors.

The help of the Lemurian Enlightened Sages is to be elicited when working with the next two frequencies. The sixth wave assists in the clearing, healing and opening of the third eye as well as the psychic body. The seventh wave brings in the frequency of enlightenment and bliss.

All of these energies and energetic functions are overseen by the Lemurian Light Masters. The Lemurian Light Masters are a group of extremely highly-evolved Light Beings, who have graciously consented to oversee our progress as we work with all seven of these energies. You will feel their exquisite vibrations as we call them in. They are more of a shimmer than a solidified form…like the shimmer of light you see in the air during the dog days of summer in a Midwestern town.

The Lemurians, who were skilled at healing anything, did a tremendous amount of healing work utilizing the power of crystals to anchor, amplify and integrate the appropriate frequencies into the body, mind or spirit. Here is one technique which seems to work quite well.

Once the energy is introduced into your body, bring a multi-faceted crystal, about six inches in diameter, shaped like a top that a child might play with, down through the column of light running through your body. Bring it into the crown chakra and, spinning it in a counter-clockwise direction, bring it all the way down through the body, sweeping and clearing as it goes, until it reaches where the legs join the trunk of the body. Here the crystal top splits into two smaller tops and continues its route down through the legs and out the bottom of the feet all the way down to the center of the earth. Wait until this feels complete.

Next, bring a small crystal into the bottom of each foot. This crystal is multi-faceted, about two inches in diameter and shaped like a child’s top, round in the middle coming to a point at the top and bottom. As you begin to spin the crystal in a counter-clockwise direction, it begins to draw out toxicity. At its own pace, it will begin to move up the legs. As it hits the trunk of the body, both crystals merge into one, about six inches in diameter and continues its upward movement through the chakras, the body and out the top of the head.

When this feels complete, bring another top-shaped, multi-faceted crystal about six inches in diameter into the crown chakra at the top of the head. Spin this crystal clockwise with the intention that it heal and spin light into the body as it moves down through all of the chakras at its own pace until it again reaches the point where the trunk of the body meets the legs. At this juncture the crystal splits into two smaller crystals and continues down the legs until it exits through the feet. Again, wait until this feels complete.

One of the secrets known by the Lemurians, taught by Jesus Christ and other great master teachers throughout the ages, was that the power of your intention could create whatever state you desire to create. While doing any healing, simply hold the strong intention of perfection. If there are any thought programs running through you which would prevent perfect healing, place a three-inch diameter crystal in the neutral space in the middle of the head, Slowly spin this in a counter-clockwise direction to absorb and remove all interfering thoughts and energies. When the mind is still, remove this crystal and send it back to Source.

Open your hearts and souls to your ancestors. They have much to teach us. Together we can move into an age of health, love and clarity. Namaste’

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