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Background on the Mind and our need to incorporate alpha states into our daily life.

November 12th 2010 - Most of us use only a fraction of our mind’s capabilities, simply because we have not been taught to do otherwise. But why plod through life with a pocket calculator, when we have a super-computer that can enable us to do more, do it faster, and do it more effectively?

This 2 day seminar has been taught to thousands of participants, and countless can attest, the benefits are immense. Clients have included:

- Therapists, healthcare workers, and other groups who work with people, who have used the inter-personal skills to increase the success of the patient.

- Business people, who find the methods extremely effective in enhancing creative thinking, strategic planning, and increase the bottom line. Many
Clients have included some of the world’s top executives and companies.

- Professional athletes, who use MindScape as a superb framework for their mental training programs.

- People from all walks of life, including laypersons who have found MindScape to be extremely powerful in changing their repetitive behavioral patterns, alter their negative thinking, and ultimately change their efficiency in life matters.

His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama recently lectured in Calgary, depicting the integration between the properties of meditation, and the newest research of the world’s leading neuroscientists. Their data suggests that systematic mental activity, such as the teachings of MindScape, results in the changes in structure of the brain. Dr. Richard Davidson, Neuroscientist from the University of Wisconsin, also performed research to understand the neural activity while meditation is in progress, and did a series of tests with specific Lama’s highly adept in meditation, between 1500 – 55, 000 lifetime hours of practice logged. The key findings demonstrated that during meditation on compassion, these Lamas have activated the neural areas for positive feelings and preparedness to act, to a degree never seen in studies before. In relation to the MindScape course, not only do participants learn to meditate without having to clear their thoughts, but they also learn tools to apply within their current situations.

With our recent economy, many companies have reported an increase in occupational stress. The Globe and Mail, reported in March 2009, "The boss tells us to 'work smarter' in this recession, but we're crumpling under all the extra pressure. Not to mention the toll it's taking on our health'... Layoffs and cost cuts have forced Canadian workplaces to tighten deadlines and many companies are trying to do the same amount of work with fewer hands...the extra stress and confusion is not only frying our brains, it’s tearing into
productivity and taking a negative toll on employee health, experts say.” Overworked, losing the joy of having a life, by Sarah Boesveld.

According to the American business reports and statistics, estimates are that job stress costs employers more than $200 billion a year in absenteeism, tardiness, burnout, lower productivity, higher turnover, worker's compensation and medical insurance costs. To put this in perspective, this amounts to more than 10 times the cost of all strikes combined, or the sum of total profits of the Fortune 500 companies.

It is becoming increasingly clear that there is a demand to begin doing something different within our life in order to live healthier. A proactive approach implementing MindScape as a means to handle stress, visualize the reality that you are wanting to be a part of, and letting go of negative thinking will help individuals shift their perspectives and their repetitive behavioral tendencies.

Many businesses have been focusing on reengineering their organizations to enhance productivity and the bottom line. Researchers now realize that any effort to unleash the power of an organization would have to start with empowering the individual. When individuals are internally self-managed, they operate at their greatest potential, enabling the organization to maximize its productivity and quality.

MindScape techniques were specifically designed for practical use in the midst of life’s fast-paced situations and often-unpredictable stresses.

The fundamental purpose of the techniques is to enable people to transform draining reactions and function with maximum effectiveness in the moment. This is what makes these techniques ideally suited for the practical setting of the workplace, where, as statistics have shown, they are most needed.

MindScape techniques address:
- Internal self-management: Managing stress and emotions to maximize individual flexibility, creativity, and intelligence;
- Articulate communication: Enhancing information transfer between oneself and others;
- Boosting organizational climate: Creating a caring and healthy culture - one that boosts productivity and effectiveness;
- Strategic processes & renewal; Operation of the tools to build coherent and self-renewing lives.

The principle of MindScape is a simple but highly effective one. There is a particular state of mind, the alpha state, which is more conducive to creativity and instinctive thought than normal brain function. Alpha brain state enables individuals to remain focused, and one is able to concentrate easily in this state. The initial part of the training will consist of leading participants into alpha brain waves to reduce the perceived stress they are interpreting, and get focused.

Secondly, we will do individual exercises in a group setting to engage the mind and think outside the box for solutions pertaining to individual situations.

Lastly, group exercises will be conducted with the focus of communication as a collective whole.

Should you require more information, please feel free to contact me directly at understandhealing@hotmail.com or andreacarter@me.com.

Thousands of people just like this one have benefited from this program, wouldn’t you like to be next?

Andrea Carter, B.A. Psych, CBI, CMI, Strategic Business Coach
Healthy Mind Healthy Body
Certified MindScape Instructor


Andrea D. Carter is a dynamic visionary with the ability to identify remarkable potential in people and organizations and ignite that brilliance into action for amazing results. A nationally known speaker, instructor, and consultant, she inspires individuals to empower and transform their lives from the inside out.

She teaches businesses, organizations, and individuals to seek solutions and lead them to victory within their core, thereby achieving higher levels of engagement, retention, and productivity – and a brilliant bottom line.

Andrea has a fresh voice in the business world, although with her transformational presentations, content-rich workshops, and candid, practical approach she has developed an outstanding reputation. She has lectured for private hospitals, CMHA, Standard Life, Calgary Stampeders Football Club, countless public presentations, and is continually being sought after to offer solutions within large organizations. Andrea has also taught thousands of students over the past 2 years in private seminars throughout Canada.

Andrea teaches people to THINK the way Athletes Move…EFFORTLESSLY!

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