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Trust in Mysteries? Walking with Water
Is the possibility of clean water for our future impossible? If so what else do we do?

January 16th 2010 - Trust in Mysteries?

Many Indigenous Ways walk the Path of least resistance. Not necessarily passive or avoidance, rather seeking to focus on something with the most possibility of movement. Their notion is our bodies, ocean, and earth are 2/3 water, and therefore, water is a primary teacher of movement. Water appears to follow the path of least resistance.

At World Vigil many talked about water, food, air and community behaviors. In regard to water Our Global Communities are working on the notion:

Is it possible? Water contamination may have gone too far for health to be restored or future water to be protected from pollution; even the rain repeats the cycles of contamination. Therefore, rather than battle the biggest war, choose movement in what?

We are trying on the Aboriginal, Masai, Ukraine and others way;
Accept when a day’s truth is a battle too big to be changed in a doable way. Then trust your bodies-trust GrandMother Earth and her families-trust death.

Victim is a reaction word rather than information and resource word. Rather than see the human body as a victim to the outcomes of the battle, see the body as the Mysteries that it has been for millions of years of changes. Drink any water and see the bodies Mysteries transmute in ways we will not decode.

Too battle too big a war is to fear death and discomfort too deeply, as well as fear loss of control. The truth is that living in bodies has little control of comfort, health, loss, gain...

I began drinking all waters, filtered or not, on my last trips I took to Australia, Japan, back and around. Seeing all water as rain, my bodies as Mysteries. Using the left over energies to work on other daily commitments. This Ritual has been as difficult as weight management; in other words, the trust in my bodies’ mysteries is superficial and rebellious to-date.

Note: 40+ years of activism as a humble member of many working environmental organizations really challenges the notion to ‘do nothing’. As a Mother Warrior with a lifetime of visions and actions of protecting wind, water, land, peoples and children, how do I shift to Mysteries? Or should I? There is that damn word should.

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