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SunRise and SunSet Ritual
Daily Ritual is a repetitive way to awaken organic self. As well as join GrandMother Earth and her families.

January 01st 2010 -
RITUAL for SunRise and SunSet - ‘Echta der Maui’
1/1 - 2/6 2010

SunRise Ritual (Outdoors between 4 am and 11 am – w/Healing Blanket or an open window in the North direction)

Face North say, “I humbly honor awakening to a moving Wind, Water, Fire, Ocean/Earth, peoples and children day.
I breathe myself inside of
My Family Clans , GrandMother Earth and her families. Will you teach me? I free knowing how. Being inside of my Teachers I enter my day to serve, share and seek. I circle with humans who ask me to gather with them. What others think of me is none of my business. Are my commitments clear today? Nevertheless, all is cherished and Enough.”

Face East say, “I humbly honor awakening to a moving GrandFather Sun, Wind, Water, Fire, Ocean/Earth, peoples and children day. I breathe myself inside of My Family Clans , GrandMother Earth and her families.”

Face South say, “I humbly honor awakening to a moving Wind, Water, Fire, Ocean/Earth peoples and children day.
I breathe myself inside of
My Family Clans . GrandMother Earth and her families.”

Face West say, “I humbly honor awakening to a moving Wind, Water, Fire, Ocean/Earth peoples and children day.
I breathe myself inside of
My Family Clans , GrandMother Earth and her families.”

Face Above say, “I breathe myself inside of
My Family Clans , I seek to earn the Teachings. I call Echta der Maui for all who ask and myself. I blame no one; I am responsible for my thoughts, actions, and consequences. I will humbly move around other humans’ Beliefs and Heritage.

Face Below say, “I breathe myself inside of my Family Clans ________________, At the end of this day I will value healthy sleep from SunSet to SunRise. I will surrender and purge the Day of LifeWork.”

Power Ally say, “My essence, experiences and stories are you Power Ally ________________, I will only retrieve or extract my lost essences or histories with a safe teacher and circle of functional adults.“

Within say, “I breathe myself inside of my Family ________________, Or go to a Safe Place in Nature. This is my ‘Safe Place’ of self-nurturing and inner-diversity. All my feelings and thoughts are heard. I am patient. I hear becoming teachable or the resources for issues may take this whole life or lifetimes and/or it may only take a moment, let go of the expectation!

There is a notion that nature has NOT the time nor habitat for opinions, comfort, entitlement, or being seen as victims. Their Mystery may be their endurance within territorial movement and resistance.
Chi-Ho! (leave some tobacco in gratitude)

(Outdoors or an open window between 4 pm to 11pm)

Face North Clap your hands loud three times then say, “I complete, surrender and free. It is not promised there is a tomorrow. I, (say your name), accept that GrandFather Sun is shaking me out of my bones and throwing my bones into the StonePeoples. He is pausing my Mental, Physical, Emotional and sending them into the UnderWorlds of GrandMother Earth, her families and the spirits of the Ancients. I now twirl and swirl, freeing my Spirit Bodies to Grandmother Moon. If I allow healing sleep I may purge my Psyche. If I purge my Mind and Bodies will I have enough room to receive Messengers and Messages? Is it possible peoples can join GrandMother Earth and her families in the DreamTime? Here I go, ready or not this day is done Enough, all of today began as Enough and I accepted Enough, whewwwwwwwwww Chi-Ho.” (Give some tobacco as an offering of gratitude and sacred honoring)

INSTRUCTIONS: Be brave, risk breathing your Mind Bodies, Emotion Bodies and Spirit Bodies inside of your personal Origin-Family Clan (if you do not know yours, schedule an Reading with EarthThunder) GrandMother Earth, and her families. Your Physical Bodies are continually rooted in your conscious life - even in death. Indigenous People lived simultaneously inside of Nature as well as experiencing being a ‘simple’ human. Of course, we know the histories of how we fractured our instinctual perception. Today and each day Indigenous maturity and sustainability teaches first the human must empty themselves and then, become humble to become a vessel of the lessons. Listening from inside of GrandMother Earth and her families seems to remind us to release robotic distractions of other behaviors. Our robotic behaviors seem to respond to Rituals that are repetitive, like this SunRise and SunSet Ritual.

Why isn’t what I am doing now enough, you may ask? Maybe it is certainly do not stop what you are doing. Our lives, energetic bodies, Circles, Cycles, Seasons, Spirals and Compost do appear to have at least 13 dimensions. Also consider the really important good work and needed communities: Healings/Healers, Teaching, Workshops, Soul work, Mind/Body/Spirit Transformation, Meditation, Environmental Movements, New Age, Books, Movies, Religions, etc. The difficulties for urgent survival of the planet and humans are that they all focus on the human, human and did I state enough the human!! They are about curing, saving and stroking the heart. Do you suspect those kinds of teachings really come from the Ecospecies and Habitats of this planet? Count the percentage of time daily/yearly that is spent on self, others all about people/people/people/ things/things. Do you suppose that makes it really hard to know what the planet is telling us? In other words, pretty pictures in National Geographic is most likely NOT the ‘real’ Teachings of a Polar Bear: Nor is raising a lot of money worth sending 3 people to the North Pole just because they are really physically fit and scientific. These stimulants unfortunately often set-up triggers in many humans that cause them to completely shut down and do nothing about their own life or the life of the planet.

We really have enough proof of doom and gloom. We really have enough conferences of whose fault it is. We really know who is not going to do what. What is left? Go to the source, GrandMother Earth and her families.

The planet began flawlessly when without humans. She might have a few notions about what choices might change today from those that our robotic choices? I inspire to have faith that humans are transcended just enough to show up each morning and read this Ritual and close each day with this Ritual. I know I have tried everything else. I will be going inside of my Family Clans each morning; I humbly yield to learn from my Family Clan. I miss our Family Gatherings of sharing our ‘real’ Family Clans.

13 Moon Calendar

Sixth Moon
Day-20- January 1, 2010 (Full Moon) through
Day-28- January 9. 2010 (Waning Crescent)
Cycle: Choices are being in movement or being stuck. As well as balancing detachment and Pessimism
Hard Freeze Moon: White Buffalo, Hazel Nut Plant, Granite, and Saffron

Seventh Moon
Day 1, January 10 through Day 28, February 6
Cycle: Balancing the movement of enduring and patience. Resistance is rigidity and expectation.
Deep Snow Moon, Strong Winds: Blue Jay, Poplar, Amethyst, Violet, Snow Goose, Red Willow, Moonstone, Dove gray.

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