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Energetic Mastery: Revealing the Clarity of Self
A perceived need for healing simply tells us that there are thoughts, enmotions or karmic patterns in our field which need to be cleared in order for us to align with our true nature and remember who we are. These techniques may help you clear these patterns.

November 20th 2009 - Revealing the Clarity of Self: Energetic Mastery
By Pamela Arwine, Quantum Healing Energetics,

Most of us have some healing need, whether it be physical, emotional, spiritual, social or financial. In reality, there is nothing to heal, nothing to change, nothing to fix. A perceived need for healing simply tells us that there are thoughts, emotions or karmic patterns in our field which need to be cleared in order for us to align with our true nature and remember who we are.

Since the dawn of recorded history, we have marveled at the great healing masters of many faiths. They all seem to convey a similar message which is we all have the capacity to heal ourselves and others. Yet, how many of us actually bring this divine prophecy to fruition? The secrets of past Masters are becoming more mainstream and available in recent decades through Huna, Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Lemurian Light Healing, Shaktipat, Kundalini Energy, Therepeutic Touch, Pranic Healing and many other wonderful systems/modalities/faiths. However, the vast majority of people have little or no understanding of how seemingly miraculous healing is accomplished.

Consider, if you will, a few basic premises.

Premise 1. You are a divine being created in the likeness of God. If this means God looks like me, I hope it’s on a good day when my hair is freshly done and I’m wearing my best dress…unless God is a man in which case this attire would be way too un-p.c. for the Supreme Creator of all Universes. Please pardon the tongue in cheek. I just could not resist.

Our sophistication has grown and most no longer anthropomorphize God. We understand this statement to mean our essential core being has similar attributes. Could this mean that deep within lies the capacity to heal?

Premise 2. You are inextricably connected to God and the God Essence within all beings. Whether healing yourself or others, you create the energy for others to heal.

Premise 3. Your physical body has the innate capacity to heal itself. Again, I ask the question: So, why do we not often witness this happening? There is usually an accumulation of old thoughts, patterns, emotions and karma which block us from tapping into the deepest core of our being. This is often complicated by the accumulation of energies we absorb and carry which may not even belong to us. Have you ever awakened feeling wonderful and ready to approach your day with delight only to breakfast with a grumpy spouse who is not feeling so well? Too often, you may then walk away feeling a bit less delightful. Your commute is peppered with angry drivers…less delightful. Your boss came to work although she was feeling ill; you feel even less delightful. If this is a familiar scenario, you may be one of us who is an empath, connecting into the energies of others.

Recently I was sleeping at a friend’s home. In the early morning, I began very vividly dreaming that I had traveled somewhere to facilitate a workshop. In the dream, I could not remember which workshop I had agreed to teach, nor could I find my notes, hand-outs or any class materials. I was frantically searching, searching, an ever-increasing sense of dread and tension flooding through me. Soon, my friend knocked on my bedroom door, awakening me. It seems her husband had lost something important pertinent to his new job. This could result in being fired. They had been upstairs frantically searching for quite a while. I was requested to join the search.

After the item was found, Thank You God!, I returned to my room to continue my rest. I cuddled in and processed what had just happened in my sleep. I had absorbed the frantic energy of the searching, the fear, the tension. Since their story wouldn’t make sense within the context of my reality, I translated the vibration into a story which could have applied to me. Without the processing, I could have absorbed this energy, introducing an element of tension into my work.

It is amazing how our lives are impacted by the energy of others. Since we are such creative creatures, we make up wonderful stories to make sense of energetic vibrations. As we clear the stories and the thoughts, emotions and karmic patterns are cleared, we move profoundly and steadily closer to our joyful, healing essence.

Premise 4. You have a multi-dimensional soul. This multi-dimensional aspect of your being has metaphysical (beyond the physical) abilities of which most are largely unaware.

Premise 5. Your life is a grand treasure hunt. And the reward? This discovery of the truth of your being (see first four premises). Imagine, if you will, the most exquisite diamond, huge, clear, radiantly bright. This diamond rests in a forest clearing and all who come within its radiance feel blessed. Now imagine the path leading to the clearing is thick and tangled with old dead brush and debris. Your job is to clear the path to the diamond so you too can stand within its radiance.

Discovering, or remembering if you will, your true essence can bring peace, love, bliss and deep healing beyond your dreams. To assist in this essential clearing, you might employ a progression of powerful spiritual techniques to bring you into balance, ground you so you connect with the energy of the earth, clear your energy field and calibrate and shield your chakras in a very complete and thorough manner. Metaphor may be employed to help your mind create the desired energetic effects. The images are not important; it is the intention which creates the action and the various images assist in maintaining clear, focused intention. Energy always follows intention.

1. The first step is to ground. By doing this, you connect to the earth and earth energy becomes available to you for support. It is very important to ground fully, all the way to the core of the earth. Create three nested golden tubes, one the size of a giant redwood tree, one the size of your hips, and one six inches in diameter. Attach one end of each tube to your root chakra. Send the other ends 4,000 miles down to the heart of Gaia, Mother Earth. Send torrents of golden light cascading down through these grounding elements to keep them clear.

2. Pull in your aura. It is often believed that if your aura is out 10, 20, 30 feet, it denotes spiritual power. The effect is that you are pulling in energies unbeknownst to you. A useful rule of thumb is to only extend your aura when you are expressing light with conscious intention. Pull your aura in 18 inches around your body. You do this by simply making the request. Your aura has an intelligence of its own and will respond. Seal it above your head and beneath your feet. Create an eggshell of gold around it. Fill it with violet light.

3. Create an electro magnetic field of golden light above you. This connects you to cosmic consciousness. Visualize a 5’ diameter golden sun above your head. Open the bottom of the sun as if it were the shutter lens of a camera. Open your crown chakra as if it were a beautiful lotus blossom opening to the warmth of the sun. Draw golden light down from the sun around and through you.

4. Focus inward. Bring your awareness into the neutral space in the middle of your head to increase focus and expand your third eye chakra. This space is referred to, in Hinduism, as “The Cave of Brahman”. Create an imaginary line from the bridge of your nose to the back of your head. Create another imaginary line from the top of your left ear to the top of your right ear. Find the point where these two lines intersect. At this spot create a pinpoint of bright violet light and focus your awareness here. If it strays, gently bring your attention back to this point.

5. Dump excess energy. This crucial step allows you to discharge and release all energy which does not belong to you or which no longer serves you. Sit with your palms away from your body facing down towards the floor, your spine straight, your feet flat on the floor. At least three times, demand that all others’ energy leave your body through your hands, feet and spine and travel down the grounding tubes to be transmuted. Repeat the request as you feel guided and simply wait until this feels complete.

6. Bring in earth energy. Bring in the support and integration of earth energy by drawing a column of pure golden earth energy up through your body. Make this column at least 3’ in diameter; feel it integrate with all aspects of your physical and energetic bodies.

7. Bring in spirit energy. Next you want to draw in spiritual energy and integrate this with the earth energy. Draw down a 5’ diameter column of spiritual energy from the sun above your head. Let these two energies blend.

8. Create receptacles in which to discharge excess energy. When you release energy you need to give it a place to go. Vortexes in your field, spinning in a counter clockwise direction, are powerful tools to draw negative energy away from you, your chakras, your aura and your energy bodies. Create a vortex of violet light which encompasses your entire body and extends out 2’ in all directions. Spin it in a counter-clockwise direction and send the tail down to the center of the earth.

9. Create a purple sponge. Coupled with the vortexes, a purple sponge is a powerful clearing device. Create a 10’ x 10’ x 10’ cubed purple sponge and place it out 10’ in front of you.

10. Actively clear your field. Take your time with this step, going through all people, conversations, interactions, experiences and reactions very methodically. Either visually or with your hands, move all limiting energy off and into the sponge. Define it, own it and state your intention to surrender and release it without judgment or attachment.

11. Clean up your mess. Once you have released into the sponge, you will want to remove that from your field. Always clean up your messes. Never leave your energies, or the receptacles into which they have been released, in the space. Send the sponge and the vortex from around your body up 4,000 miles down to the center of the earth to be transmuted into light.

12. Call back your power. When reclaiming your power, always call it into the field of light above you before bringing it into the body. It needs to be purified before you absorb it. You will also bring it into present time before integrating it into your physical body by stating “here and now. Here and now. Here and now.” State out loud in an authoritarian voice, “Into the golden sun I call back all of my energy, power and split-off soul fragments, lost, stolen or given away throughout my history.” Repeat this three times. Wait for the purification to happen…perhaps 3-5 minutes…shift the energy into present time and then opening your crown chakra and the bottom of the golden sun, begin to draw the energies into your body.

13. Balance and stabilize your chakras. Much has been shifted now and it is difficult for even an experienced energy worker to get all the chakras balanced, re-calibrated, stabilized and spun properly; therefore, now is the time to call in the Masters. Ask an Ascended Master with whom you resonate to clear, balance, spin and stabilize your chakras and the layers of your aura. Make the request individually for each chakra and each layer of your aura.

14. Create your shields. Your field of body/mind/energy should be quite clear now. Let’s keep it that way through very effective shielding. Not only do you want to place spheres of light around your aura, it is important to shield the energy flow of each of the major chakras. Place a shield of white light upon which you superimpose a blue flame cross and your power symbol in violet, over the energy flow of each chakra. (The crown chakra flows up; the root chakra flows down; the third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus and sacral chakras flow forwards and back.) Once this is complete, surround your body and aura with spheres of white light, cobalt blue flame and smooth liquid gold.

15. Bring in Your Soul. Shift your awareness to your heart and invite your soul to emerge. Meditate on your soul as you repeat the following words like a mantra: “I feel my soul in my heart, I feel my soul in my heart, I feel my soul in my heart.”

As you complete the creation of these highly beneficial light formations, you may feel much clearer, closer to Source and lighter in every sense of the word. Although it is beneficial to move through all of these steps every week or two, once clear you can maintain clarity through repeating steps 1, 2, 3, 14 & 15 on a daily basis. Make this a part of your morning routine and watch your life transform.
Pamela has 15 years experience as an intuitive counselor, energy healer and instructor of the healing arts. She conducts private sessions over the telephone or in person in southern Colorado. This work is supported by a full line of hypno-meditation CDs. Among her line are four CDs which pertain specifically to this topic, giving full instruction and experience. They are “Crystal Clarity”, “Sunrise Alignment”, “Violet Vortexes” and her latest edition, “Daily Essentials of the Master”. These CDs can be downloaded or purchased at Pamela’s complete bio and credentials can be found at Email her at

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