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Mecury Light Bulbs
What are we thinking with the Mercury Light Bulbs?

November 19th 2009 - Now, why are we being "mandated" to switch over to Mercury-based? According to research, the Fluorescent bulbs tend to agitate and cause kids more hyper and less attentive. Mercury is known to cause confusion as a toxin in the body, and certainly interferes with neurological function. Now, if everything essentially is energy, and we are putting this energy of mercury into all these households, then what ramifications will that have on the populace? I personally do not think it is going to be good. Lastly, who is going to dispose of these mercury-laden light bulbs properly. I recently read an article on yahoo news where each fish that they tested had some mercury contamination. This is not good. So, what conclusion does one draw about this mercury exposure?

Plus, if the true reason is to save energy, then why are so many lights kept on at night in cities? Are we so afraid of the dark? Many of our city lights should be shut off from like midnight to 6am in my opinion. We have the technology to have motion detectors and far-infrared sensors at places of business for protection and light as needed.

Lastly, we should be able to create an energy efficient light that is not toxic to us or our environment. If we are really that concerned about saving electricity, perhaps we should do the manually charged lights. We get to turn a crank to charge a capacitor, and once charged, the light will be on for several or more hours. Just think that way we get exercise and light and do not use the power company's electricity.

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