PREDICTION 2009 l President Obama's Historical Legacy
What will President Obama's historical legacy be? If prayer is the telephone line to the Universe and God, what happens when the world prays for a world power to go down? How are the goals of "S.D.S." and "The Oath Keepers" the same? Heath Care, Afghanistan and the diplomatic role of President Obama will make this era one to never forget.

November 19th 2009 -

What will President Obama's historical legacy be? If prayer is the telephone line to the Universe and God, what happens when the world prays for a world power to go down?  Could Universal manifesting be a catalyst to the financial collapse of another country? How will have President Obama's legacy have changed America's image?  How will history see we treated him?

Despite what hysteria conservative America is hurling to God and the Universe against Obama, his greatest historical Presidential contribution will be that he traveled the world and brought world leaders together.  In short he brought America's "good guy" image back.  If you are surviving hard times, it helps to have Universal friends. 


  • In the 60's they called them "S.D.S." or "Weathermen", convinced Nixon would find a way to put all free thinkers in Concentration Camps fanatical underground armies crawled with guns in woodland boot camps preparing for Gov't take over. .
"The Oath Keepers" are Conservative underground fanatical  law officers and Gov't officials training and enlisting veterans to protect against Gov 't take over by the Liberals. 
  • Convinced that President Obama is creating detention camps {concentration camps}like Hitler, the Oath Keepers feel the country is on the verge of taking away all guns and freedom and desecrating the Constitution of America. 
  •  Many of the very problems they are accusing President Obama of he inherited from George Bush on his first day in office.
  •   The "Oath Keepers" profess their belief is not based on President Obama's race, but Gov't take over the downfall of our country.
  •  Add to this the Biblical and Aztec prophesy that the world is ending in 2012 and you have very frightened people waiting for the end to come.


A one term presidential "bridge" in which President Obama brings America back to the arms of  "world grace" will be his historical Presidential legacy. 
  • President Obama's  term as first black president will be judged by the predictable increase in white  "Patriot" vigilante  groups as the "dark before the dawn" before true equality.
  • President Obama will not be able to fix the economy.
  • President Obama's shining star will be "Health Care", however "Public Option" will be not accepted in his terms.
  • Presedent Obama's Passion will be to make the Afghanistan war a  International joining team effort, but not to take the war on as his own. He chooses to not have mass American soldier life loss.
  • The financial crash of corporate greed and spending  irresponsibility, {before Obamas term},  will be compared to the natural process of the  "dark before the dawn."
  • It will take at least 10 years for Conservatives to accept that Obama's place in history was for the diplomatic better good of the nation to regain grace. 

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