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Loving Beyond Reason
You are the very essence of love and you have been incarnated to carry this love into the world. This is true for all souls incarnate on the earth at this time. How do you witness more of this love in your world?

October 28th 2009 - Have you noticed the common thread which weaves itself throughout all the great religions of the world? You are the very essence of love and you have been incarnated to carry this love into the world. This is true for all souls incarnate on the earth at this time…and yet, do you witness this manifesting around you?

Although your essential nature is love, have you been listening to the voice of the egoic mind? It would have you believe you are unloved, unloveable, unloving. It would have you believe you are separate from God. What would happen if you revealed the depth of your capacity to love yourself and others unconditionally? I believe that you are the open door to a world of boundless splendor, a world in which all sentient beings are gently held in the sacred arms of unconditional love. You are the holographic heart of God, born on this earth to be a channel for love. Through every level of your consciousness, love flows like a never-ending waterfall, warming the hearts of everyone with whom you come into contact. You are enveloped in an eternal force field of never-ending love and peace. As this love flows through you, you bathe the earth in the Christ consciousness, healing her. You have the power to instantly transmute every electron of lack, hatred, fear or illness through the limitless power of your love.

As a human being, you are called to love. Above all else, you must master the sacred art of loving all unconditionally in order to evolve into the fullness of your divinity. I invite you to open your heart in serenity and devotion to the consciousness of unconditional love. Every single human being has an aspect of herself which is invisible and yet is very real, more real and lasting, in fact, than the part of yourself which you perceive with your five physical senses. Although your senses tell you your body is solid, do not believe the evidence. Your eyes see because they are interpreting vibration. Your nose smells because it is interpreting vibration. You feel things because your skin and your sensors are interpreting vibration. You hear because your ears are interpreting vibration. Accept the truth of your being. In actuality your body is made of millions and billions of particles which are always in continual motion. What feels like a solid body to you, is actually more than 99% empty space between these moving particles. In our current body of knowledge, these particles are called atoms, molecules, quarks and atomontine particles. These atomontine particles all have intelligence and have created an exquisite dance, an inter-relationship of energy and information. This dance is pure potentiality, unlimited possibility. Your physical body, as it is today, will cease to exist within several years. However, your consciousness will be dancing this graceful dance and will have re-created every cell; all of this is happening beneath, or perhaps I should say above, the level of your conscious mind. Atoms and molecules are continually leaving your body and new ones are entering your body…constantly…you can reorganize these new molecules in any way that you choose, in any way that you train yourself to reorganize them. There is a constant interplay here. The calcium leaves your body and travels to England to create the White Cliffs of Dover; the atoms and molecules which make up a Japanese Geisha today may be in your body by Sunday. We are continually created new, but energy never dies. The atoms and molecules which once made up the body of Jesus Christ have been, or are today, a part of your body. You could be breathing in the atoms and molecules of Buddha or Gandhi right now. Are the atoms and molecules which once traveled through Mohammed now traveling through you? Now or at one time or another, you have shared the very substance of your being with the substance of all the great men and women in history. There is no difference between you. Surely Walt Whitman recognized this when he wrote: “every atom I own also belongs to you.”

We are one; we are in continual motion; we are continually recreating ourselves according to the expansiveness or limitation of our current consciousness. You are pure love, sweetness, gentleness and light. Every cell in your body is unique and precious. Every cell in your body is created of the essence of God. There are more than six and a half billion people on this awesome earth which you inhabit. And there are trillions of cells within each individual. And yet, each cell is unique; every cell is precious and irreplaceable; you are precious and irreplaceable, the very essence of God. A geneticist could take any cell in your body and recreate the totality of you. For, you see, each cell is a perfect hologram of you. Go into your heart, see and feel the truth of your heart. Your heart is that holographic cell in the body of God; your heart contains the map of the universe, all universes, God. That is who you are, who all human beings are. The miracle of this message is the same for all people.

You have no idea how sacred you are, how deeply connected you are to every other sacred sentient being. You are a unique expression of God, creating a living bridge between heaven and earth. Choose to live as God. You are a perfect soul, created of the love of God, embodied in form. You are here to carry love to the earth. You are here to be love. Choose to live as love. God is in you. God is in all others. Choose to love God in all forms. Choose to love beyond all reason. As God, you have the ability to radiate a love so powerful, so immense, so unconditional, it will lift the entire planet. Like the tidal wave created by the butterfly who flaps her wings on the other side of the world, any small change you make in your consciousness, lifts the entire planet. You have the power to choose to make changes in your life which will create tidal waves of love and light throughout the universe.

You were given another gift that no other creature embodies in quite the same way, your soul. It has the capacity to fill your entire body with love; it has the multi-dimensional grandness to carry this love to all sentient beings. If you allow your soul to soar, you free it to free the world. I believe that this is why you are here. You are here for one purpose above all others. You are the vessel to carry love to all the earth. You are here to give love and find love, greater than all the angels of the heavens. You are here to be a vessel of God’s love which will pour through you like a warm gentle rain nourishing and heartening all the other carriers of love in your world.

Listen to the glorious harmony of the spheres of the angels inviting you to love, inviting you to allow yourself to be loved, inviting you to become love. No matter what the appearances, there has never been a time when you have not been deeply cherished and loved. All else is illusion. Once this is realized and embraced on a deep level, you will magnetize more love into your life. Feel the love of your being transforming all pain into beauty; feel the love of your essence expressing itself with the passionate love of all the highest Light Beings of the Universe. Everything is love and everything has always been love. Surrender deeply into the love. Surrender all that you are into the love.

This message is carried deeply within every cell in your body. Feel into the profound love within you. Surrender everything you are and everything you have into this love. This is God. God is in you and God is in all others. This is the message in your body which gives you the reason to love beyond all reason. It gives you the reason to love in the face of absolutely anything. This knowing gives you the strength to love through situations which you think are pushing you beyond your capacity to love. It gives you the strength to love in the presence of absolutely anything. As you accept that you are the very essence of love, you allow the floodgates of love to emerge through the consciousnesses of all other human beings. As you accept that you are God Essence, carrying love and peace into the world, you become a channel for brining the exquisite love of God into all sentient beings. And the hearts of all beings become as one heart, beating together, one heart, the sacred heart of God.”

Founder of Quantum Healing Energetics and Lemurian Light Healing, Pamela has 15 years experience as a spiritual healer and counselor and instructor of all levels of Usui Reiki, Karuna Reiki, Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regressions and Meditation. She brings to this work a remarkable synthesis of an effective blend of alternative modalities which include successful certification in Quantum Quest Advanced Spiritual & Intuitive Counseling and Advanced Holistic Healing, Usui Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Karuna Reiki (Master Teacher Level), Rubenfeld Synergy Method, Akashic Records Reading, Advanced Clinical Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, Thought Field Therapy, Arch Healing, Deeksha and Gestalt Therapy. Pamela has developed an 8-CD Set called “Loving Beyond Reason” which helps you to heighten your consciousness of love. Visit or for more information. 719.404.4070 ~

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