The Importance of Play
How laughter and play improve our health and our lives. Some ideas for bringing more fun into your life.

- by Laura Luykx

Most people are aware of the saying that laughter is the best medicine, but what does that really mean? We know that laughing is fun and feels good, but can it really make a difference in our lives? Actually, a variety of clinical studies have shown that laughter can relax the body, boost the immune system, trigger the release of endorphins and protect the heart by improving the function of blood vessels. So, if a good laugh a day keeps the doctor away, how can you bring more fun and laughter into your everyday life? It’s not always possible or appropriate to watch silly movies or tell jokes, but you can still find ways to bring a sense of play into your life.

1. Dismantle stress by lightening up - This is one of the all-time best techniques for handling stress. When you find a way to see something absurd in the situation or can poke fun at yourself, it instantly lightens the mood. This may actually help you think more clearly and enable you to come up with a creative solution to what is causing the stress in the first place.

2. Study a role model - Many people know someone who is always fun to be around. Pay attention to what that person does and see what you can incorporate into your own life. Not everyone is cut out to be a clown or a wit, but discern the characteristics that jive with your personality and take them on.

3. An attitude of gratitude - If you spend more time noticing the good things in life, a playful attitude can’t be far behind. There’s a saying in professional racing, “The car goes where your eyes go.” Keep your eyes on the look-out for fun and enjoyment and be appreciative of all the things that make you smile.

4. Plan for play - Ensure that you’re getting your regular dose of play by making a plan to do it. If you can’t make it to the circus or the Laurel and Hardy film festival, find an author or a friend that you enjoy and make sure to spend some time together.

Even though laughter is a tonic, doing anything that gives you pleasure will offer many of the same benefits. I suggest taking an inventory of what you do for yourself that really gives you true enjoyment and then making sure to do it often.

Laura Luykx completed a life coach training program certified by the International Coach Federation. She studied with Dave Ellis of Breakthrough Enterprises in the Falling Awake model of coaching and has been coaching since 2006. Her style is very non-directive and is intended to assist the client to discover what will make them happy and fulfilled today and in the long range future. As you fill yourself to overflowing you are in the best position to give yourself to others.

In 2012 Laura completed a shamanic apprenticeship with contemporary shaman, Robin Rice and now offers shamanic soul work in conjunction with coaching. She has lived in Winston-Salem, North Carolina since 1999 with her husband and son. Laura is an avid reader, tai chi student and cook. She loves animals and has three cats and two dogs. Contact her for a FREE consultation at (336)416-0606 or send an email. Visit the website at

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