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September 21st 2009 - 9-29-2009 Os'iyo Arrow Feather,

After conversations with Shoshone Medicine People, their take on Lomatium is that it is too complex for children or adults whose health is already fragile. The blisters caused by this Wild Herb can become infected.

Thank you for being so open and dedicated to your LifeWork. Your email has reminded me again to use this powerful email/talking in a more responsible way. I send such random information and I have not followed the Code of Trust, which is to format the information in a more questioning Community Thread. To question rather than make statements is to allow the freedom of the Circle.

I wonder if the fear people are imploding isn’t more paranoia filled with loneliness?

One of my many vocations was International Mediation. Those studies and experiences may suggest America could be experiencing polarization rather than just fear. They suggest that brain/body instincts survive over many experiences in the steps of
Fear, Fight, Flight, and then Polarization. If a mass population has reached Polarization their perception, interpretation and instinct behaviors are radical. This does not feel like the belly instincts of natural fear? Natural fear is like when a fire begins and your belly tells you to move out of the way or endure the consequences?

The Internet/Email can be used very viciously. There are not yet person-consequences strong enough to slow down the Tsunami of bits and pieces of information that has little fact base. Though like many vehicles, such as a car it is too bad we don't use the same criteria as we do to become functional and approachable drivers. Many not all, have become addicted to the Internet, Fox News, and other like resources like a gang gorging their bodies with Meth and other toxics. The Internet has much value though it is only a piece of the many resources a functional human needs in daily thriving and safety. As well as, only a small piece of resources for activism that are healthy and fact thriving.

My wealth of living 30% of my 62 years in the Wild and harvested from GrandMother has always been present. Though loneliness, anger and righteousness have had times in my life when anal retentive activism, group fear are running my perceptions. I had become addicted to filling my days with ‘ain’t it awful’…on and on. All of those fragments felt like movement at the time. I am very fortunate that my physical, mental emotion and spirit bodies rallied to Crash! These constant reactions dug a grave large enough for me and those who joined me as friends. It took a long time to decide to leave what I felt were families (radical activism). My healing included the basics of GrandMother Earth and her families who kept revealing their ‘Way’ which appear to be Circles, Cycles, Seasons and Spirals. Or as I have interpreted our planet is not a victim, rather a very slow, deep and complex teacher. At the same time I revisited a more diverse community of peoples who questioned rather than reacted. Their actions had more depth and timely approach than merely surface information. My recovery of the fragmented living as a radical activist is slow and may take generations.

My honest and open intention is to offer as many ways to strengthen common sense, intuition and live today, being alert to not be stuck in yesterday. I remember that yesterday is a convenience of facts that cannot be proven as time diminishes too much information and experience. Safety is paying attention to today.

You and others and very kindly noted that too much of the public health is coming from the internet. Which by example: In the last few days Internet sent out a terrible posting that said hundreds of body bags were being delivered to 5 reservations, suspecting untruth, I checked with these reservations and they know nothing of body bags. This Internet posting anonymously disappeared. Though I received many emails of explosive emotions and people digging them deeper into the couch-computer-ignorance. I can only imagine how many more internet sources are filled with much useless blog.

In common sense I have established relationships with other Shaman Way, Herbalist, Naturopath, Acupuncture, and other Community Natural Health resources. My investigation of selection was that they have faith in GrandMother Earth and her families. I include as a valued partners in my Circle well researched science and the medical Practioner who provide this science as medicines. I surround myself with peoples who hear me as an individual and as a Community member. I know I am my wellness and these Circles are my partners.

As for the current flu scare- If I had a child whose health was already fragile and attended school I would inoculate with the vaccine. I am an Elder in ongoing fragile to sustaining health, therefore, I do get the regular Fall vaccine. Both decisions include my daily programs in good sleep, SunRise and SunSet Rituals, LifeWork, Advocate of Family-Environment-Diversity-Community Wellness, Wild Harvest, Herbs, Rituals with Grandmother Earth and her families and my Circles of Allopathic Practioner. As well as not expecting governments to baby-sit my Wellness. I do support change within the current governments as they experiment. I as the voter am the most responsible for government’s outcomes of these experiments.

My questions are continuing such as;
Peace for me is only real in death? 6 billion population is by reality polarization? Is tolerance accepting that everything and anyone is territorial – thus finding ways to go around each other rather than changing each other? Is wellness more complex than a human can assimilate?

I will find more ways to monitor the email and internet as a small thread of support for communication with family, friends and community.

Allowing, surrender and seeking,

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