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Permission and Birthright
Discerning how to honor the teachings from our natural families. Understanding some questions may never be answered.

November 19th 2009 - Permission to do Ceremonies and claim Birthright

I cannot give you permission to do something or not do something. What I would suggest is the following.
Humans (including reservation natives) have many opinions and confusions, as well as Wisdoms. Sometimes even if you are a family member you cannot agree on the same things. Tribes (500+ in America) cannot agree with each other. Name-calling and hurt feelings are centuries deep. I spent 30 years being the Native who said leave all of our Ceremonies alone unless we were the ones to provide the 'Way'. Pretty foolish and broken and it has not worked

In the meantime there is GrandMother Earth and her families moment by moment available to teach us while humans spend their time in chaos rather than their LifeWork. Therefore, now 62 I feel the following:

If a human will dedicate themselves to:

1. Serving, Sharing and Seeking to
GrandMother Earth and her families FIRST each day.
2. Focus on their wellness each day.

Rituals, Ceremonies from our planet are available when used in humility and honor.
Their Teaching is living rather than owned.

No one owns the planet. GrandMother Earth and her families own themselves.

When and if you choose to find a Teacher who gives you regular Rituals or Ceremonies you will find more of your heritage. Heritage rarely comes through documents or mans way. Many of my students have begun without any connections then found their ThreadPeoples. Which is far more functional than a card to a reservation. (my experience)

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