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How to Go Through Transitions with Ease
Do you want to sail through your life changes? Well you can - here's the secret.

May 15th 2009 - All change has stress associated with it. Even transitions we want cause stress because we are entering new territory. But here are some tips for going through transitions with ease.

* Call in outside resources. Thousands of people rely on coaches to help them through transitional periods in their life. By using a coach you get the depth of someone else's experiences and the benefit of having structured guidance.

* Look for a holistic solution. You need to handle every change as just a part of the whole of your life. Every pebble causes ripples that reverberate throughout your life.

* Know that every situation you face you are bringing in the intensity of all of your life experiences. Your intensity level might not be isolated to this particular transition. When you do not clear up past hurts and fears they tend to build and attach themselves to every new life event you face.

* Transition is not just about you. Everyone in your world is affected by every shift you make. Other's have their feelings about your transitions too. However, it is important that you do not pick up their intensity and add it to your own. Acknowledge their feelings but keep a healthy perspective.

* Acknowledge your fears and anxieties. Understanding that fear and anxiety are natural byproducts of transition takes away their power. Just because you feel fear or anxiety does not mean that there is something wrong. It may just mean you are heading toward a new experience.

* Be clear on what you want. By holding a clear vision of what's in store for you on the other side makes the transition much smoother. Indecision plays a large part in adding extra stress to life transitions. But by knowing where you are going you can alleviate this problem.

* Infuse your transition with Energy Therapy Healing. This healing work allows you access to your subconscious blocks that are keeping you from fully realizing your potential. Opening your intuition gives you a better sense of who you are and what you want from life. Many people use this healing work to clear out old baggage and learn how to welcome in new, healthier patterns.

You can stare those large, scary transitions in the face and not blink. You may not be able to do it alone, but would you want to? By enlisting the help of a holistic coach who does energy therapy you can not only make your transitions more graceful, but you can smooth out the other parts of your life as well. You deserve health and happiness and when you find it then everyone in your life will benefit from it.

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