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March 24th 2009 - **FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE**

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Vespers: Evening Prayer from the Office of the Dead.

BRODHEADSVILLE, PA – The fifth book in a series of monastic mysteries takes readers to the lush “garden island” of Kauai, Hawaii. Vespers: Evening Prayer from the Office of the Dead (published by iUniverse), by Brother/Doctor Bernard Seif is an intriguing look at monastic life where not everything is as it seems.

The Abbot of the Salesian Monastery in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania is preparing to leave for one of his trips. This time Brother Francis is headed to the island of Kauai, where he will present a workshop and minister as a clinical psychologist and doctor of natural medicine. But during his stay, Effie, the psychic wife of a Daoist named Mister Wu, is murdered, and the frequent-flyer monk soon discovers there is a fine line between spirituality and magic.

Meanwhile, back at the monastery, Brother Benedict loses his battle with a long illness. As if coping with the death of one of their own weren’t enough, the monastics must also deal with a peculiar visit by a pair of CIA agents. Sister Jane de Chantal, who is taking care of things while Brother Francis is away, must help her charges through this difficult time while trying to learn if their visitors are friend or foe.

Readers of all ages laud Seif’s monastic mystery novels as informative reading wrapped in an enticing murder mystery. Though the books don’t feel instructive, they are full of details about life in a monastery, meditation, clinical psychology, Chinese and Natural medicine, and travel to other locales. This latest installment is sure to please audiences as well.

About the Author
Brother/Doctor Bernard Seif, SMC, EdD, DNM, is a Catholic Christian monk with private monastic vows. After earning his doctorate in counseling at Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pa., Brother Bernard was licensed as a clinical psychologist in Maryland and Pennsylvania. He later became board certified in Behavioral Medicine and is also a doctor of Natural Medicine with a specialization in Chinese Medicine. Vespers: Evening Prayer from the Office of the Dead is the fifth book in Seif’s series of monastic mysteries. Other titles include Office of the Dead, Vigils from the office of the Dead, Morning Prayer from the Office of the Dead, and Daytime Prayer from the Office of the Dead.

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