Doing One More Thing..... Can Ruin it All
Learning when to stop while we are ahead is an art. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson we have to learn from taking on too much on our plate, or saying more then we should have. The art of “less is more” is powerful.

March 15th 2009 -



There comes a time when making one more phone call, sending one more email, adding one more painting to a perfect room, or taking on one more project can ruin everything.  Your intensions were good.  But like an artist, we need to know that “gut feeling” that says to us loud and clear…..ENOUGH.  Stop, take a deep breath, and walk away.



What is “Less is More”


She bought a new painting for her newly decorated living room.  For 2 hours she ran around hanging it, setting it on the floor against dramatic plant stands…but it all felt wrong.  She knew because when she stood in the corner to take in the whole “effect”….nothing stood out any more.  It all turned to clutter.  She could actually feel heaviness in her, like invisible hands holding her shoulders down.  Sadly she realized “less was more”…and brought the painting back to the store.


There is probably nothing more frustrating then realizing you should have shut up


·        When confused or angry…..DO NOT send emails or call someone until you have a chance to wake up the next morning and see how you feel.

·        In the course of just one nights sleep you can see the entire picture from another Point of View.

·        “Less is more” is realizing that SILENCE SPEAKS LOUDER THEN WORDS.

·        When angry, one more email or phone call can turn you from “the winner” to “the loser”.    How so? 

·        When you keep your cool and are “in control” you look STRONG.

·        In times of fury or hurt…….walk away.  Less is more.


Taking On too Much can Ruin Your Quality


When a vacation becomes about “how many” plans we can cram in a given time, quality is taken away from the few outstanding points of interest that really shine brilliantly.  Taking on too much can create stress, emotional drain and completely deplete our original passion.  Less is more.


  • Remember that we are remembered more for the focus and attention we give a project with our whole heart.  Less is more.
  • No one is remembered for how many things they accomplished “half well.”  Less is more.
  • Taking on a too busy life schedule for the sake of impressing others, sabotages us.  Less is more.
  • In this same way, there are those that have hundreds of friends but never know the joy and bonding of just one or two.   Even friendship becomes just a strategy tool.  Less is truly more.


In the long run, the more we say, do or strike back with in life, ignoring when our Intuitive Gut Feeling says ENOUGH…….sabotages us.  Know when to walk away.   Less is more.



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