How to have a Summer Drum Circle
The drums beneath the starry sky give a sense of primitive organic oneness with the Universe. Some of the watchers begin to dance. The fire leaps and prayers of spiritual intent for peace and healing reverberate into the sky. The drums stop suddenly, and the “better good” begins. A drum circle adds magic and bonding unity to summer events.

March 12th 2009 -

Bonding together in rhythm beneath a starry night by a fire is magical.  Any one can play a drum, tambourine, cow bell, drum sticks, morocco’s or even clap.  Unlike stringed instruments, there are no bad notes.  Sacred drum circles are spreading nationally because rhythm is something we all have, therefore, everyone can bond as one in love and light.


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    • It helps to have a lead person who keeps the rythom and event on coarse

    • Drums and percussion from homemade or junk instruments are usually welcome at a circle

    • You will be surprised how without saying a word, one person that starts playing a drum is joined by others

    • Organic on - the - spot drum circles happen gradually and can be as short or long lasting as people are in the mood.for.

    • Those that would rather dance, add festive joy to the drummers..its the ultimate compliment!

    The Sacred Prayer Drum Circle

    • Just as with a church, a  sacred drum circle usually has a lead person called a facilitator.

    • This person may set the tone, state the theme, and keep others in symc

    • The druming and rythem is less complex, with the purpose, like prayor and meditation, to create an inward journey

    • A Prayer Drum Circle may focus on a healing, as everyone joins in one bonding rythem for financial crisis, jobs or grief therapy vibration

    In a bonding ceremony as old as time, a drum circle can make your event a unique and long remembered experience.


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