The Concept of Wrong is an Illusion
Letting go of judgments in the spiritual awakening process. Moving from your mind into heart-centeredness.

February 23rd 2009 - The Concept of Wrong is an Illusion
By Dr Katherine Aaron

There is no right or wrong. We are Lightbeings incarnating with purposes. The purposes earlier in our series of incarnations were based on some concept of what is acceptable or right compared to what is unacceptable and is therefore wrong. These are nothing more than judgments that served specific purposes in our spiritual evolution.

Eventually we evolve from these types of experiences, which is mind-centered, to a point of no longer requiring judgment, which is heart-centered. The transitional shift from the head into the heart requires us to let go of judgments at that point and this can evoke fear and inner conflict. Our hearts guide us to honor, love and accept those incarnations and parts of our current lifespace that bought into judgments while letting go of the judgments themselves. Every judgment is a creation of the mind. That’s all they ever were. That’s all they ever are.

The concepts of what is right behavior and what is wrong behavior are created collectively as the outcome of a group’s mindsets and beliefs as well as personal experiences. All of these judgments are concepts, they are arbitrary, and they are always illusions from the perspective of our Highself.

As an example, in western cultures when a man sleeps with a married woman society tends to judge her harshly. In the not too distant past the husband would even be acquitted for killing her for that action. This is based on Adam and Eve/blame the female; women are evil when not under the control of a man, etc.

At the same time in other cultures it is a very huge honor and compliment if a man other than her husband, especially visitors, sleeps with a married woman. This is based on the survival of remote cultures needing infusions of new blood into family lines. There is no emotional drama or pain involved in the very same act that had evoked rage, betrayal and violence.

Now you tell me, is there really a right or wrong? Or are the judgments based on mental perceptions and concepts?

The only way that a judgment can affect us is if we buy into them, we judge them or we judge others or the part of us buying into them. The easiest way not to give them energy is to remain heart-centered because judgments are of the mind, not the heart. Let them go and relax back into your heartspace. Being in your heartspace allows you to awaken more fully and remember who you really are, because the heart Knows what the mind cannot comprehend.

From the clarity of our hearts, which is the perspective of your Highself, we clearly understand that there is nothing to judge. Your heart Knows that we are all souls incarnating each for our own life purposes and each with our own life lessons. The heart Knows that life lessons were based on an illusion of what is right and what is wrong until you reached this point where you could awaken and be heart-centered. There is nothing to judge in this process. It’s simply part of the process of awakening.

As you move through life in body allowing your heart to lead, you find that there is nothing to fear. There is nothing to judge. There is only compassion and love. What is real will no longer be the mind’s arbitrary perceptions and judgments, but rather the heart-centered, perfectly peaceful state of non-judgment in the universal sea of Love.

Being in your heartspace allows connectedness with that Oneness, with that Love. In that state of Being, behavior isn’t based on the judgments of ‘because it’s right or wrong, sinful or saintly,’ but you simply Be about it because it is an expression of who you are in that Oneness, which is all about Love.

Katherine Aaron, NMD holds degrees in both naturopathic medicine and counseling. She works with a group of loving and powerful non-physical healers, teachers, angels, Awakeners and ascended masters who collectively call themselves, Guidance. The bulk of her work is currently done over the phone and as distance healing work. She is recognized both internationally and in the U.S. for her Channeled Life Readings (CLR), which allows anyone to speak directly with Guidance. Visit her website at

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