Quantum Lightweaving
Introduction to what Quantum Lightweaving is and can do for you.

September 02nd 2009 - Quantum Lightweaving
Robin C. Myers and Suzanne Cotten

Quantum Lightweaving is a unique and creative approach to self-transformation. We are all waves of love, light, consciousness, knowledge and divine harmony. Quantum Lightweaving (QL) is a brilliantly easy hands-on therapeutic method bridging where we are in the conflicted moment, with this divine energy that is ever-flowing. Individuals receiving a “QL Wave” (a facilitated means to accept, embody and express more fully the core of one’s own potential) are opened to receiving true Grace.

Quantum Lightweaving is the creation of Kenji Kumara (www.quantumlightweaving.com), whose 38 years of expertise in the healing and consciousness arts has laid the foundation of its development. QL provides the recipient with rapid, gentle (quantum) healing for the body, spirit, and the consciousness. Full integration of this healing is easily embraced through balancing the mind-body-spirit dynamic.

QL teaches the direct experience of “letting go” and of releasing old energetic habits that no longer serve the individual. Those receiving a QL Wave feel a sense of what it is like to be whole and complete. While each individual’s experience will manifest differently, all agree their lives are richly and deeply healed on many levels.

An experience with a QL practitioner will include having the recipient establish his/her intention for the session. Often this intention is for something to be released or “collapsed” that may be hindering the recipient, or may simply no longer serve them. Things such as outdated beliefs, old agreements that are no longer for the highest good of the person or others, illness patterns, fears, and anxieties are common examples of collapsible challenges.

The QL practitioner will then co-facilitate with the recipient the complete collapse of these disruptive dynamics, holding space without judgment by sending a “wave” of divine grace. More often than not, the recipient will literally feel the wave collapse these energies in his/her body, releasing them at a deep physical level which is reflected through a physical collapsing of the body as well as the emotional state that is attached to it.

Quantum Lightweaving is not traditional therapy, nor is it about taking away one’s pain or stress in any traditional sense. It is about utilizing energetic structures to house and maintain awareness in the body, and encourages self sufficiency, self responsibility, and self empowerment.

Look for a Quantum Lightweaving practitioner in your area, or consider attending an enriching life changing weekend intensive.

Written by Robin C. Myers (www.wholisticalternatives.com) and Suzanne Cotten, both of whom are qualified QL practitioners.

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