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Making Earthbased 'Medicine' Bundle
Preparation of a personal bundle with natural gatherings that will focus current needs. Tied with skin tethers around neck.

January 18th 2009 - 2009 Shaman Way ‘Personal’ MEDICINE BUNDLES

‘Adult’ Bundle. When making for a child, only have GrandMother prepare.

Wear your personal Shaman Way Medicine Bundle all the time except when sleeping or in water. At Full Moon put your Bundle outside to clear of all the energies it has collected. The Bundle is a housekeeper of what is unfulfilling. Therefore, after purging the Bundle leaves room for wellness, safety and instinctual awareness. This is not a magic wand! All symbolic healing assist as focus tool
Purpose of your Bundle: Mostly humans appear to have many distractions and habits. Mostly because they live inside boxes and travel in boxes and learn in boxes. Choose GrandMother Earth and her families first. Your Bundle helps awaken natural instincts. The Bundle assist memory, and offers protection. The Bundle is a ‘Shield’ symbolically from to balance the ‘stuff’ of humans. The balancing of the Bundle assists you to intuit and move your 80% water inside of you. Tuning to the balance of the Universe
PREPARER: Ideally you would ask a Sacred member of your Community make your Bundle.
If you practice humility you may make your own-
Be of service to GrandMother Earth and her families and the Wild Universe.
Empty your mind of everything being about human’s wants and desires.
Be available to be a The Wild Wind, Water and Fire.
This bundle is not a toy or jewelry.
Then have your Circle feel the bundle and give feedback. The contents of your personal Medicine Bundle are to represent the following, choose really small symbols so your bundle is light.
Fill with: Symbols of The Wild Wisdom

Outer material of the Bundle is natural skin (do not call this leather) of either: deer, goat, cow, and elk, horse.
1. Wild Wind – feather.
2. Wild Water – moss, shell or moonstone.
3. Wild Fire either>unlit match or lightning struck symbol or ashes.
4. Wild Form- either>seed, grass, bone, or hair of EcoSystems Wild Families.
5. Raw clear quart crystal that has not been tuned for some other purpose. Then turn point downward.
6. Raw Obsidian pointed up. Protection, memory and clarity of movement
7. Death: Smudge burnings, bones.
8. Garnet for the Blood of the Peoples genocide and current bigotry-war.
9. 10. Commitment to exposure of self by Owl: Pumpkin seeds.
11. 12. 13. Ancient Ancestors: Sea Salt. Corn for GrandMother Ancestors of abundance
GrandFather Ancestors of Vision-Cotton
14. 15. VALUES: Turquoise for Peace. Red Coral for territorially healthy bridges.
Combined they remind all to make timely negotiated Agreements for bridges of movement, not war. 16. 17. Cork for Rain Forest. Jasper for preservation, recycling, recovery and reconciliation.
18. (Which Season is it now? Fill accordingly with>>>>>>
Yellow-East -Spring – Raw Tobacco – when used as Sacred healing, NOT to be used as entertainment.
Red-South- Summer - Sage
Black-West- Fall - Cedar
White-North- Winter- Sweet Grass
Green for GrandMother Earth
Purple for GrandMother Moon and BeLoved TASOM

Total of 18 small/light and focus-support medicines in your Personal Bundle
The completed Bundle is placed outside for 24 hours before wearing.
Pass around your ‘Pod’ of safe family and friends-ask, “How does my Bundle feel?”

Your Medicine Bundle will come to a close or break at some point, know your Family element (water, fire, wind, and GrandMother Earth), surrender: bury, burn, or give the Bundle where you are directed. ASK BeLoved Tasom for guidance. Chi-Ho

Universal Law: Guidelines For Visiting Sacred Sites
If in doubt, visit Sacred Sites – habitats – creatures – see stones in your dreams, not in your pockets.
1. Get permission from the proper people before visiting a sacred place. This might be a caretaker, holy person, elder, or the governing agency affiliated with the site. Be aware that even after attaining permission from a governing agency you may be offending indigenous people who may not have jurisdiction over their own sacred sites.
2. Learn about and respect traditions associated with a sacred site. For example, there may be special attire required; sometimes only holy people are allowed in certain areas; women may not be allowed when they are in their moon time.
3. Do not assume that it is acceptable to perform personal rituals at a sacred site. Most sites have holy people who are specially trained to perform sacred rituals associated with the site.
4. Ask about participating in rituals being performed at a sacred site. Sometimes outsiders may not have the proper instruction or preparation required for participation.
5. Do not assume that it is always correct to leave offerings. It may be welcomed but first ask about what is customary. Sometimes offerings need to be blessed or cleansed before they are left at a site.
6. Always ask permission before taking photographs. Photography may be forbidden at many sacred sites or at sites where sacred rituals are being performed.
7. Keep to marked paths at sacred sites especially at ancient shrines and temples, which are often very fragile.
8. Never alter, move, or remove anything from any sacred site, including natural sites like mountains, rivers, springs, or trees.

Wild Universe, our GrandMother Earth and families, Indigenous Peoples, Are sequent First Families?
Human beings are last in sequence to be considered, therefore, would you accept some well-meaning person coming into your home, taking whatever they wanted, when they wanted, because they could?

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