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Testimonials from students attending classes offered by Robin C. Myers

September 02nd 2009 - What changed my life – the crystal healing experience when I felt that energy lock in from my feet to my crown. All doubt about what I was pursuing vanished. Much of the “what will people think” stuff has vanished because I realized it really doesn’t matter. I know what I’ve been experiencing is real and that it is right for me.

Yes, I would recommend it to anyone who wanted to immerse themselves in teachings of the Natural World. Although there are books available that cover some of this material, a book does not compare to actually experiencing the teachings with other people. Especially when the teacher is someone as knowledgeable as Robin is.
****** D. Morvant

I think of my time there many times everyday that I have been back. There is so much to process and so many things I would like to change about my life. I am not rushing in but so far have been able to start the day with prayer and have each time gotten a word or insight to what I need for the day. I imagine these were all around me before but I was in too much of a hurry to notice, see, or hear. Thank-you again and again for the lessons.
****** Laurie

The whole experience was truly magical. We definitely expanded time. I like have the workbook to go back and read. Most of the time I did not want to take notes, just absorb your spoken words.
***** SW

Challenging, healing, enjoyable. I loved the sacredness of the experience.
****** H. Gill

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