What you can expect at the Natural World Seminar
Outline of the course materials


The 4-day Seminar will include

1. Finding your direction of strength and weakness.

2. Working with the four major direction spirits

3. Making prayer bundles; what they are, how to use them, and how to change your life with them.

4. The singing of songs. Bring your drum, rattle, etc.

5. Your personal song; what is it, how to utilize it, where to find it

6. Learning how to talk to our relations; the plants, trees, rocks and shrubs.

7. Working with Mother Earth; how to talk to her, how to be healed by her

8. Medicine wheel work; how to use it to heal, grow, and understand the deeper parts of yourself. How to make one (and we will). Calling in the spirits of the major directions; how to do it.

9. Participating in a doctoring sweat lodge experience. Learning sweat lodge etiquette.

10. Changing your rooms (or office) in your house to reflect the medicine wheel energy

11. How to heal using your hands, your intent; how to do it right.

12. Feathers, what they are, how to use them, how to work with the bird spirit. Rattles what are they? What are they used for?

13. Making your medicine bag, decorating it, and choosing what goes in it

14. Sacred sage, found the world over, what it is, how to use it

15. Communing with Mother Earth, how to do it, how to reconnect with Her.

16. The four elements, fire, earth, air and water. Which is your strength? Which needs work?

17. Communicating with the Little People the insects, the ants, the spiders

18. Working with different "medicines". What is your medicine? How to find out.

19. The power of dreams. Symbols and meanings of dreams--will be discussed all week long regarding animals, insects, reptiles and birds.

20. Finding out who one of your guides is; shamanic journey to find them. What they mean symbolically, as your teachers, now and in the future.

21. The Doctrine of Signature on animals, insects, and reptiles and what they mean and how they translate into our every day life.

22. Synchronistic happenings. Messages do you know you're being tapped on the shoulder? Double checks; what are they? How to use them

23. Gifts; what are they? How to use them. The protocol.

24. The "tools" of ceremony drum, rattle, pipe, song. How to make a rattle. What you put in the rattle. Decorations for the outside of it.

25. Introduction to Crystal healing technique (Oh Shinnah Fast Wolf/Apache Medicine woman)
NOTE: The sweat lodge is already built. Normally, we build one, but for this seminar, none has to be built. It will hold 10 people at a time.
NOTE: The day's events may change, according to the "flow" and energy of the participants. We may move topics around, but ultimately, you will receive information on all the above.

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