Reiki for House Plants
After I certified in Reiki Healing I realized my excitement in sharing my gift was not shared by my conservative community. I practiced on House Plants with amazing results.

December 09th 2008 -



After I certified in Reiki Healing I realized my excitement in sharing my gift was not shared.  I live in a town so hick, that the word “Reiki” makes people quiver and shake with suspicion.  “A what Annie?”  they ask.  In the mean time I  use Reiki on myself, and have managed to recover within hours of the first signs of a  cold, and put my self back to sleep on occasional ragged nights.  My house plants are benefiting from Reiki hands on energy!  I swear I can see the leaves turn to the heat from my hands, as they would to the sun. 




·        Find a time of day you can consistently give your plants attention

·        Imagine a spiral in your hands, rotating around and around

·        Feel your hands heating up,  empowering your healing energy

·        Now hold your hands a few inches from your house plants

·        Concentrate on the spirals in your palms sending heat, healing and protective empowerment into the leaves of your house plants.




  • The effect Reiki has had on my Ferns, is nothing short of Amazing.
  • Understand I live in the cold Prairie, and ferns hate furnace heat.
  • My ferns, for the first time, are cascading down towards the floor, lush and green.




  • Animals thrive on touch to their wounds.  Their first instint is to lick injured or sick body parts.

  • Many pets are grateful for hands on Reiki energy.   They relate to it. 

·        Twice I have felt and tasted a cold in my throat and nose.

·        Twice I placed my hands, imagining the spinning spiral of empowerment in my palms, on my throat, eyes, temples and back of head.

·        Twice I headed to Wal-Mart to get cold medicine.

·        Both times, my symptoms cleared before the end of the day.

·        I have never had to use the cold medicine yet.


An Added tip for working Spiritualists in Red Neck Communities

  •  I work in a town of 300 people and rolling prairie land.

  • Often it is as simple as a soft word change..... that brings interest from a closed minded community.

  • What you do is unique and true to your gift.  

  • Make sure that what you market to bring interest… what you do.
  • I have brought clients merely by calling it "Reiki Angel Healing."
  • Instead of a sign that says "Psychic" says "Angel Readings."
  • I relate to Angel light work, so this name is true to my concept of all Light work I do.
  • To thine own self always be true.   In the mean time……practice Reiki on your house plants, your self and your pets.    


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