Judy answers frequently asked questions about what flower essences are and how they work for both people and animals.

December 04th 2008 - Used knowledgably, Flower Essences are very powerful and effective agents for achieving deep and profound healing – emotionally, spiritually, and sometimes even physically. Flower Essences are also quite safe. You cannot overdose, there are no “side effects”, and the wrong essences will not hurt you or your pet.
The first Flower Essences ever produced were the 38 Bach Flower Essences, developed around 1900 by British homeopath Dr. Edward Bach. Bach’s essences have achieved great popularity and can be found in health food stores everywhere.
Thirty-eight essences, however, cannot possibly address all of the emotional issues and negative behavior patterns which throw us out of balance, causing us discomfort, pain, and sometimes even aguish. So, over the last 30 years, there has been a virtual explosion of new essences – and therefore new sources of deep healing - from dedicated producers worldwide.

So what exactly are flower essences?
Every type of flower, plant, and tree has an energetic pattern. Each one is unique, and their various energy patterns represent an amazing gift to humanity. This is because each energy pattern has been found to correct specific emotional or spiritual imbalances in people and animals.
Flower Essences are basically the energy patterns of various flowers and plants contained in water An essence is made by using the sun to transfer the energy pattern from a particular flower into a container of purified water. Each essence carries the specific energetic “message” of the substance it is made from.
Flower Essences come under the larger heading of “vibrational essences” since there are also essences made from gems and even environmental energies.
I personally work with over 900 flower and vibrational essences from a variety of producers worldwide. I have carefully selected these flower essences for their potency, effectiveness, and ability to resolve the kinds of problems that people and animals typically need help with. My formulas are custom-made for each individual person or animal or person I work with. The companies whose essences I use include Alaskan Essences, South African Essences, Findhorn, FES (Flower Essence Services), Hummingbird Essences, Living Essences of Australia, Desert Alchemy, and others.

What will I experience when I take flower essences?
Depending upon the essence you take as well as your individual make-up, there are basically two kinds of responses you can expect:
1) Some essences can remove or greatly lessen symptoms very quickly – anywhere from minutes to a few hours. These essences usually address more superficial and short-term symptoms such as anxiety, many fears and insecurities, some types of insomnia, and many other symptoms. You simply feel measurably better and stronger after taking them.
2) Other essences are what I call “deep-acting” essences. These essences help resolve deeper emotional issues at their core – issues like shame, abandonment, deep-rooted fears, or old trauma. With these essences, you might experience previously repressed emotional pain or you could have uncomfortable memories. The discomfort is temporary, though, and is followed by a resolution of the issue. New realizations and perceptions might surface for you, and you find yourself moving to a new and more joyful way of being in the world. With these essences, it takes longer to feel the positive results, but the rewards are great
Can flower essences help with physical problems and disease?
Essences can be of great value as an adjunct to medical treatment. Chronic illnesses usually have a very strong emotional component. When that emotional component is successfully addressed, the physical illness will often improve, or sometimes even disappear.
Essences can also be of tremendous help for animals recovering from accidents, surgery and acute illnesses.

What do you do that is different that my just purchasing flower essences on my own?
It is true that you can purchase individual flower essences, or mass- produced formulas, relatively inexpensively. However, there are literally hundreds of flower essence companies out there, and thousands of essences to choose from. Choosing the wrong essences will not hurt you at all – but they won’t help, either.
I personally have about 900 essences from many of the best companies worldwide. My essences address a whole gamut of issues and imbalances. First, I use my counseling training and intuitive abilities to accurately assess your mental/emotional issues. I then determine precisely which essences energetically match your pet’s needs at the time. (Timing – what an animal is ready for – is a crucial part of the assessment). I also excel at identifying the root causes of problems, and addressing them with deeply-acting essences.
Ultimately, the money you spend for individualized essence care can save you months or years of aggravation with a misbehaving animal – or feelings of grief and frustration at being unable to help a pet who is suffering.

How to I take the essences?
Only a few drops are needed, 2-4 times a day. This can be given by mouth, but with animals it is usually easier – and just as effective, to place a couple of drops on your own fingers, and stroke your animal with it. Essences can also be placed in the drinking water.

Will I need to take the essences all my life?
No. Once you make the desired shift, you no longer needs that particular essence or formula.. The length of time it takes varies from a day or two, to a few weeks.

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Judy Aizuss, M.S., Marriage Family Therapist (Lic.#MFC 33981) specializes in transformative counseling, soul care, emotional healing and spiritual counseling. In addition, Judy is a gifted Flower Essence practitioner. She uses over 900 essences, using her intuitive skills and 25 years experience to create custom formulas for people and animals. Judy’s own healing journey has ignited her dedicated passion to help others connect with the healing power of the love within and around them. Judy can be reached at 415-459-2383