Core Energetics/ Evolution, a Body-Psychotherapy
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December 03rd 2008 -
Core Energetics/ Evolution, a Body-Psychotherapy

I am frequently asked questions about the work I do and frankly I find it hard to describe! Just this morning I received an e-mail that asked,

"So what is it you do at a session?"

I thought I would share my answer here for those of you who have yet to experience the work. Here is what I wrote.

"I hope I can answer your question in a way that makes some sense. What we would do really depends on what is going on with you! We start by talking about what you want to work on and see how that manifests in you on any level. This means the thoughts you have about it, your feelings, what happens in your body around the issue, and your actions/ choices and responses.

Say you are struggling with a situation with a friend and it makes you want to "curl up and die". We might have you exaggerate that physical posture and see what else comes up, it may bring up memories of early experiences, or we might see how the way you place your body helps you to hold yourself back from a very different but perhaps unwanted expression. Through talking, movement and the emotions that arise, we open and explore your expression, reconnecting you to your life energy. I have equipment and tools we can use to find ways to express what can't be said in the every-day world in order to move the old blocked energy.

Often our perceptions of and responses to situations in the present are related to experiences from our early life. It is the energy that is blocked from these old images that we want to release and let go of once and for all. It is amazing how we can use our reactions in the present as a sort of treasure map to find old unresolved issues and deal with them. After you have opened up the energy that has been blocked and held for so long you have a greater capacity to perceive new experiences in the present and to move from a place of peaceful strength in your life. We can now access your higher self and we allow a significant amount of time to explore and reinforce this.

In a group session we often start with exercises that open up our energy and our expression or explore different attitudes and see what comes up for people from there. The exercises over time change our musculature which we have formed around old issues and experiences.

Think of the posture of a typically depressed person, with rounded shoulders and his head hanging down. If you talk about the things that led to the depression and understand it intellectually, and even if you have an emotional reaction that is freeing but your body still holds the same posture because it has been that way for many years, well chances are the muscle memory will eventually bring you back to the old attitude. In this work we believe that issues have to be healed in the way we think about them (the mind), the emotions, in our actions/ choices, and in the body too, releasing and bringing change on a cellular level. This is what allows us to move on and to be free to experience life in the present moment.

In the group we also have the opportunity to explore what happens when we come into contact with other people, how we react to different personalities, how we are able to show our true selves or how we manage to get what we want and need. It is such an honor for me to work with people to make the group a safe place and to explore how we can make it safe within ourselves to create the deep connection that we all long for."

This article is a little like sitting by the side of a swimming pool, talking about what it feels like to jump in and be in the water. The conversation is nothing like the experience itself. My own experience is that through Core Energetics I feel more alive and more like myself! I am so pleased to be able to offer to this opportunity others.

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