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What is your Nose for? What is your back bone for?

November 20th 2008 - We come from a place we will never remember once we are born.
We will return to that place once we die.
That is a given.

The guide in living; walk-the-walk trust your nose.
We are born walking away from our Mother.
Our feet are our instinct of carrying enough.
Our nose keeps us in line with our LifeWork.
If our nose gets into others business we lose our LifeWork. We lose our feet.
We lose many living energies. If our nose lose the way often enough our bodies begin to LEAK ENERGIES.

Begin again by gathering others to support healing.
Continue healing.
Grow a backbone.
Only carry what your feet can carry.
Grow ovaries and/or balls.

Your self-respect and stories are yours, never depend on others to keep your stories clear or straight how could they? Your stories are not our stories.

Indigenous Way:
‘It is none of your business what others think of you’

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