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Did You Know We Have a Trash Dump in the Pacific?
Plastic Waste in the Pacific

December 23rd 2008 - In the Northern Pacific, there is a gentle whirlpool, created by the various currents of the Pacific. As with any whirlpool, the center is the lowest point. Well, what we have gathering in this Northern Pacific Gyre is plastic from primarily the USA and Asia. At one point in time, this plastic dump was only the size of Texas, now it is supposedly twice that.

We are essentially killing ourselves slowly as we find more and more efficient ways to poison and pollute our environments, which would include ourselves. Fish have been caught with high toxicity levels. Pelicans have been found dead with an assortment of plastic things in their gut. If we destroy the food chain in the ocean, what do we think that will do to us? When will we learn?

We could make plastic bags out of startch like they do in England, or just take a bag with us to the grocery store. There has even been a biodegradable plastic made out of orange rinds. We could go back to using all glass for our milk and other beverages. But once again, follow the money. Plastic is much cheaper than these other options. Even though it may kill the planet, and therefore us.

As plastics degrade they release toxic compounds into our environment. Recycling plastics releases a lot of these into our environment. So, why are we using some many plastics? Because they are generally cheap and take a long time to wear out. The normal plastic degrading time is in the hundreds of years. What have we done to ourselves and our children?

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