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Milk----Does it still do a body good?
Raw Milk

January 23rd 2009 - Raw Milk. What has happened to it? It is near impossible to get, unless you have a cow of your own. "They" supposedly have the milk homogenized and pasteurized for our health and protection. Is that true, or is it really just for their pockets? That process allows the milk to have a longer shelf life. And, the more I discover about this country of ours, the more I see that if one follows the money, one will see what is truly the reason behind what they do. Sad, but true.

Once upon a time raw milk was prescribed for illnesses. It was even used for diabetics because it would keep the insulin from spiking. Raw Milk even had the Lactase enzyme to help break down the Lactose. Raw milk was a believed to be a good source for essential fatty acids, probiotics and protein. Now milk is heavily laden with antibiotics and bovine growth hormone. Some even believe that the onset of a younger menstrual cycle and breast development is due to this hormone.

What changed with the milk? Well, cows were once grass fed. Now they are almost always grain fed. That supposedly causes a greater milk production (money), although it also causes infection, thus the antibiotics. Not too surprisingly, on a somewaht related issue, I caught a Wall Street Journal report recently that confirmed what a farmer had told me. Because of the price of corn lately, beef cattle are presently being fed M&Ms and potato chips. Why not grass? Grass is too inefficient! Sadly, once again it is all about the money.

I do not believe that I have ever had raw milk in my life upon this Earth, which is now getting closer to 40 years. I no longer drink milk. As I have studied milk, I have found that pretty much everyone is lactose intollerant. Without the natural lactase enzyme that is in raw milk, lactose will cause issues for people. So, many people take a lactase supplement now for something that was once there. The other reason that I do not drink milk is that I believe what we have as milk today is really not all that good for our bodies. But, if you are going to drink milk, try to get raw milk or at least whole milk.

On a related note, cows are not humans. What milk is best for humans? Human milk. The closest milk from the animal kingdom to human milk is goat's milk. Why are we not milking goats? Or better yet, why do we not have "farms" to milk humans? One could read a book while getting milked througout the day, and get paid. Perhaps one day we will be not so money driven, but rather driven by what is good and right.

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