FAT Jeans; Freedom to be Imperfect.
As I slide my Fat Jeans off the top shelf, making ready for 5 pounds of winter weight, I find myself feeling both scared and FREE! I embrace my inner child and rebel against fashon. I want to play, let go and have fun.

October 09th 2008 -



As I slide my Fat Jeans off the top shelf, making ready for 5 pounds of  winter weight, I find myself feeling both scared and FREE!   I embrace my inner child and rebel against fashon.  I want to play, let go and have fun.   All around me are orange and gold maple trees, big bulky forgiving sweaters, and fresh clean spiritual air.  Fat jeans are roomy, comfie, and sometimes I miss them like an old friend.  Extra winter weight is scary but so is demanding perfection from myself. 


Fat Jeans & a Corn Stalk Raid


To celebrate the autumn, I like to jump in my car  "M.A.X."  {Maximum Freedom} in my Fat Jeans, and comb the countryside for dry cornstalks.  I pull over to the side shoulder, jump out, run with a knife to the outside row and hack off around 20 stalks.     Piling them in the back of the trunk, I race home feeling joyful as a child beneath a double rainbow.  It is doubtful in a 100 acre farm field these 20 stalks will be missed.  It feels slightly naughty, creative and utterly free in fat jeans 




Fat Jeans, Autumn & THANKSGIVING! 


Of course once the corn stalks are in place beside the door, gourds and a pumpkin on the table, Thanksgiving dinner plans kick in.   Will I scan the magazine stands for fat free low calorie food?   Or will I let go and give myself permission to eat ANY-THING.   I choose relaxation, joy and a day not to beat myself up.   I refuse to panic about weight.  Fat Jeans call out like an old friend with a loose forgiving fit and freedom of total movement.   What matters is that I not get lost along the way and rejuvenate my discipline for a later date.



Disciplined Perfection - Chains that lock out our Butterfly of Joy



Giving ourselves permission from time to time to LET GO is gratifying and freeing to the soul.  

  • Its spiritually soothing to set a day or even week to not care about weight, romance, or money.  

  • We need to realize the effort it takes to become perfect people becomes like enslaving chains of bondage.  

  •  We need to Focus Within and see the CONSTANT worry of weight, skin, the gym and money locks our butterfly of joy out. 

  • I say let go!   Reach for your Fat Jeans! 

  •  Accepting crows feet on the corner of the eyes……a blemish on the face, or extra weight is another way to love our inner angel.  

Today I am reaching for my Fat Jeans.  I release my inner child, give myself permission not to be perfect and take a week off to live in undisciplined joy 



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