A Psychics Story of Acceptance in a Small Town
Eight years ago I quit my job of 22 years to become a full time Psychic. This was when the economy was booming. In Yr 2000 credit card spending was at its peak. So were Psychic reading calls.

September 22nd 2008 - A Psychic’s Story of Acceptance in a Small Town

Eight years ago I quit my job of 22 years to become a full time Psychic. This was when the economy was booming. In Yr 2000 credit card spending was at its peak. So were Psychic reading calls. A full time Psychic could easily pull in $1000.00 a week with consistent dedicated hours. But in a small town, I was proclaimed a sinner. Teenagers would jeer out their window as I walked my dog, “Psy…Cho”.


I fell in love with a perfectly lovely ranch style home with a screened in porch adjoining half an acre of yard for $18,000.00. On quitting my job of 22 years, I also bought the tiny home across the lane from mine for $9000.00. This I turned into my work studio. While the rest of the world was paying up to $100,000.00 for a single mortgage, I was able to live on less and still have more. I knew I wanted to simplify, and here I am.

The Town People Find Out I Am a Psychic

Determined to advertise my new full time Psychic career in the local Yellow Pages, my small town bust wide open with the gossip. I began to get letters from churches begging me to toss my evil ways as they would mislead me down a path of doom. It mattered not that since 1970 I had been reading professionally on the side. My full time job gave the illusion I was NOT “that way”.

I Join the Missouri Senate Lutheran Church to be Accepted

Being raised a Lutheran; I decided I would join the local Missouri Senate Lutheran Church just a few blocks from my house. I was accepted warmly, though with caution. Of course it was their belief that I had wrapped the bosom of the Lord around myself and had chosen to segregate myself in the portion of Heaven for Lutherans…..best of all, THEIR church.

“Dear Lord forgive me for I am Worthless?”

Each sermon started with a chanting prayer that went something like, “Dear Lord forgive me I am worthless.” Magic and Prophets were seriously condemned. Yet the church did not want to lose me and truly did tone down this theme. Because I was treated better, I felt better about myself and the community. I told myself that I could pray in my own way, while the weekly Lutheran Computer sermon sent to ministers, was read word by word. But here too I felt hypocrisy. What if Psychics advised each client with a weekly script sent out? Each person is different. Isn’t each church member unique with different problems? How could “Spirituality” be sent out as a scripted program? As you can see, I began to feel my own hypocrisy for attending. One night I asked my angels and God to lead me to an answer on this issue.

The Pit Bull Snarling before the Church Door

Shortly after my prayer, I sailed into the church parking lot on my powder blue bicycle and parked beside the brick wall.. A snarling Pit Bull was sitting on the side walk between me and entry door. Being a dog lover, I tried to sooth him with my voice. He tried to bite me. A little boy came running up to the dog and nervously told me it belonged to his neighbor. “Honey, you best take him home or the city will shoot him.” As the Pit Bull and boy walked off, I entered the church.

The Sermon is “The Evils of Prophets, Psychics, Buddhists and New Age.

I reached out my hand to shake the congregation member’s hands. No one would sit next to me. The beginning chant of “Dear Lord forgive me for I am worthless” began. I looked in the Sunday bulletin and saw in bold type “the evils of the New Age movement.” In a sing song mono tone the minister read his weekly printed sermon. It was clearly pointed out everything from Prophets, Psychics, Buddhism and all things New Age were to be shunned. Look the other way least you be tempted down the wrong path! Like sheep, the congregation followed. And I never went back.

“Sure miss seeing you at Church”

Oddly, I feel better about myself now. It seems my prayer was answered in some way. The snarling Pit Bull and the HEED THE WARNING OF NEW AGE!” sermon were all to let me know IT WAS ME that was the hypocrite for attending the Missouri Senate Lutherans for all the wrong reasons. It was not victimizing me. I was allowing myself to be victimized.

Deep in their bones they saw for themselves that a Psychic is just a person with a gift…and its not uncommon for members of the congregation passing by on my dog walks to say kindly, “Sure miss seeing you at Church Ann Marie.” “Well bless your heart.” I will warmly answer back.

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