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A New Aura Experience
The different colors that illustrate our emotional states

September 10th 2008 - A week ago I had the opportunity to photograph auras using the Progen Auracam 6000. How this works is that the camera displays the information as a colorful field that surrounds the body. The energy is picked up, by biofeedback probes that are located on a handplate. The person being photographed places their hand on the box, and keeps it there until the cable release is pulled on the camera. About two tenths of a second later, the instant printout is ready to be viewed.
The colors that appear truly reflect your physical and emotional state. The energy field does change from time to time. These impressions allow us to see all of the divine emanations, as Edwin D. Babbitt so eloquently stated, “Light, reveals the glories of the external world and yet is the most glorious of the them all. It gives beauty, reveals beauty and is itself most beautiful. It is the analyzer, the truth-teller and exposer of shams, for it shows things as they are.”
Our colors reveal many things about us. They can illustrate one’s health, energy level, and ultimately how someone views their world. Although, the overall aura remains pretty much the same over time. However when major changes occur, these will be reflected in the auric energy field.
“As a man thinks so is he”. Our auras reflect what we are thinking, and also what we are feeling. When a person is exposed to an intense situation, this most often will be picked up and reflected in the person’s aura. As a result, a person whom normally might have cooler colors surrounding them, will now have an aura of a more intense red, with flashes of other colors darting through.
Or when a feeling of deep peace and serenity, may occur, the colors reflected in the field may now be greens and blues.

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