10 - 10 - 10 Want a new baby? Car? House? This is a powerful decision making tool.
A new car, house, baby or job can be decided apon with 10-10-10. “You know what it is?” my coffee sister asked. “No”…..”What?”

September 08th 2008 - A new car, house, baby or job can be decided apon with 10-10-10. “You know what it is?” my coffee sister asked. “No”…..”What?” "Ask yourself these three questions..." I crashed back on the couch with my mouth open! Now this is advice I can use now and always.

1} How do you imagine the decision investment will effect you 10 weeks from now?

2} How do you see the decision of a new car, house, baby or job change will effect your life 10 months from now?

3} Finally, How do you think you will see the impact of your decision 10 years from now?



NOW is all that matters, but in investments the result can be disastrous. The impact of the decision will not be truly felt until 10 months afterwards. They can barely curb their need for an awesome house, car, vacation, baby and find a way, no matter what, to make what they want happen. Manifestation? Or Impulse thinking? This is the instantaneous gratification person. The 10-10-10 plan would help them from being thrown into debt, 10 months from now. Think: `10-10-10” {10 weeks, 10 months, 10 years from now how will you feel?} .


Have you met this person? The offer of a great house comes their way and they refuse it. They drive the same car until it dies…paying the equivalence of a monthly new car payment on keeping up expenditures of an old car. Ask them to go on a vacation with you….a plane ticket……a cruise……they can’t afford it even if they can. A vacation they can think back on 10 years from now would give their life interest to look back on. It would be as valuable for this person to think about 10-10-10 as the instantaneous gratification person. This person is the opposite extreme.

Have a life decision you need me to read on before you take action? I will give you a fast reading with maximum information. The rest is up to you and 10-10-10.

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