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About the Desire of Your Soul
Your Soul's Desire is the evolutionary reason for your life, beyond any concept you may hold about your life. Learn more about your actual Soul's desire!

August 01st 2008 - In the mind, Soul can be many things. It is your essential energetic
uniqueness, your divine spark of God-light and sound, and your
consistent, 'individuated' consciousness persisting through
incarnations. The Soul is a light traveler guided only by its inherent
growth needs which get met in incarnation. In the Soulsign view, the
Soul is your Self-Essence. Connecting the notion of essence to the
Soul is a useful tool as the Soul is not fixed in time or to one
incarnation. This implies the idea of essential-ness or beyond context .
Throughout its experience in incarnation, the Soul retains its essential
nature as one-with-God, regardless of how much its current Identity
remembers of itself.

The Soul in motion - when engaged in time and space - is known as
the Soul's Desire. In its full breadth, the Soul's Desire is more of a
spectrum, range, or axis within the totality of consciousness, than it is
a specific definition of mundane goals. This Desire is the Soul's actual
growth intent for its current incarnation, its own guiding evolutionary
principle which can be likened to an invisible tracking mechanism of
individual evolutionary progression.

"By descending to this world, the Soul increases the flow of her power
to guide the human being through the world. Thereby she perfects herself
above and below, attaining a higher state by being fulfilled in all dimensions."
- Moses de León

The Desire is also the source of a new incarnation. The choice to
incarnate into a specific life story will naturally arise from the Soul's
prior incarnations or karmic past as it will reflect the next experiences
to be had. Comparing two or more successive incarnations will
naturally reveal a continuity of indwelling intelligence or sentience from
past to present. This intelligence is of course the Soul itself. The Soul
which guides one's life is the same Soul which has chosen and
guided the life of many past incarnations.

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