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ARE YOU RIPENING OR ROTTING - (Just getting juicy?)
Where are you with stepping into your role in today's magical world of possibilities?

April 15th 2009 - ARE YOU ROTTING - or RIPENING ?
(just getting juicy ! )

If you were a fruit – which one would you be? A standard variety like an apple, pear or orange – or something exotic like a kiwi or persimmon?

Which describe you:
• On a branch or vine? In an orchard, private garden, meadow, jungle?
• Thick skinned, or exposed like strawberries?
• Sweet, tart, smooth, rough?
• Lots of little seeds or a big pit?
• Green, getting yellow, fully ripe? Shriveled/wrinkled?

Were you:
• Planted in fertile, pure soil?
• Exposed to chemicals and toxins in the environment – either physically or emotionally/psychologically?
• Nourished as you grew, with plenty of wholesome food, clean water and sunshine?
• Provided love, nurturing and harmony - or hostility, violence and neglect?

As a fruit – are you rotting or ripening?

In the garden of life – are you, the fruit - Fulfilling your purpose? Fruit, much like humans, is brought to life starting as a seed, comes in many varieties, then grows in a range of conditions. The ultimate purpose of fruit is to nourish another – a bird, a person, an animal, an insect and ultimately back to the soil. Whichever may be the beneficiary of the fruit’s bounty – that fruit passes through the body of that consumer and ultimately ends up as soil enrichment. Even a fruit that falls to the ground or decays on the vine – taking the fast track back to the source - it is recycled and utilized by the larger eco system.

Fruit stays alive as long as it continues to grow and ripen. When it’s used, it stays alive through providing for the other. When it is ripened and not used, it begins rotting or shriveling. So do we.

We humans do, however, have more input and influence over our rate of growth, the environment we stay in once we reach adulthood, the degree of our wellbeing, how we relate to others, our occupation, in what activities we participate, with whom we spend time, what good we do in the world, how fast we age.

What if your ultimate purpose on this earth is to do good for others, for the planet?
• Are you ripe and ready for picking?
• Are you worried you won’t be picked?
• How many lives are you touching?
• Are you saving yourself for later, for something - someone?
• Do you ensure the essentials – water, sunshine, nutrition?
• Do stay fit and strong so that your mind and emotions function properly?
• Can you envision yourself juicy, ripe and luscious – bringing your unique spark of life to some special cause?

You may recall this quote by Voltaire: "Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do." Can you imagine being on your deathbed reviewing your life and realizing all the good you did NOT do? Then you may yearn that you could go back and do things better. Well – here we are in the NOW and it’s not over yet, so start.

Where to start - what can I possibly offer, you ask?

Let me tell you about two women who were in despair about two different issues:

• SC – was very frustrated – to the point of feeling depressed and helpless, regarding the harmful health effects of the toxic environment. She is very intelligent and articulate and I encouraged her to start doing talks and write about these concerns. She did a lot of research and contacted local markets with meeting rooms and then started doing talks. Later, when I spoke with her after she’d been doing something about an issue important to her – she told me she’d never felt better, or more aligned.
• MD – another very intelligent woman, was overwhelmed by the war, the pending “end times” and daily was living in fear, which paralyzed her and affected her health. I encouraged her to do something about her concerns and reminded her that we are not helpless. But that we, the people, have the unique opportunity to influence how our world unfolds – to create our own realty. I suggested some local activities I thought she would enjoy and now she is a very active “peace activist” with some of the boldest signs. She’s also very involved with helping create sustainable communities. She is much happier and worries are not taking up all of her vitality.

Then, of course, there is our beloved Norma Menzies – who turned lonely Saturday nights into the awesome Blue Bird of Happiness Club, which currently has five active chapters.
All of these amazing women turned a problem into a solution and at the same time added a magical component to their own lives - a sense of purpose.

So, here’s a simple quiz for YOU:
• Locally and/or globally – which part of our world are you concerned about? The Environment, Children, Medical Insurance, Healthy Food Supplies, Education, Peace, Violence/Gangs, Teen Pregnancy . . .
• What skills do you have that you could use for something about which you are passionate?
• How aware are you of your strengths and challenges?
• Have you had a good astrology, numerology or other reading lately?
• Are you willing to use your RIPE, JUICY self instead of just ROTTING?
• If you still feel “green” – are you ready/willing to work with empowerment resources or participate in activities that will help you ripen?

I hope you are juicy! You see, without YOU joining in – a very important part of the garden or new Earth Humanity puzzle is missing.

JoyRae Freeman is a Writer, Master Healer, Workshop/Retreat Facilitator, Matchmaker, Radio Producer, Business Consultant and Spiritual Warrior – dedicated to helping create a better world. 206-417-8778

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