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Moe from the World of Quantum-Touch: Healing of old injuries and illness
Clients suffering from old illnesses, misaligned bones, chronic sciatic pain, rotator cuff injury, degenerated joints are all enjoying increased mobility, freedom from pain and medication

July 21st 2008 - More from the world of Quantum-Touch: healing of old injuries and illness

by Aileen McKenna
Certified Practitioner/Instructor

Quantum-Touch, the latest in energy healing modalities, is quickly changing my belief about what is possible in healing the human body. I’d read the reviews, seen the testimonials, but now that I’m experiencing it first hand I see this whole unbelievable process expanding what can be with hands on healing.

Clients arrive at my door with many different conditions. They come with chronic ear infections, lung disease, pinched sciatic nerves, degenerated hip joints, whip lash, poorly healed broken bones, and fatigue. Many people arrive in great pain and have been in pain for years. Others arrive tired and depressed, as their conditions seem unmanageable and hopeless. In some cases, the results are immediate and are resolved completely in a single session as in the case of a young father with chronic ear infections. When I heard from him again several months after single session, he told me that the ears had drained for some days and that he had not had a recurrence of the ear infection. He had experienced a cold, but that simple remedies had sufficed. He wanted a reinforcement session at this stage to help guarantee his continued health during the winter months.

Some clients, on the other hand, need repeated sessions to bring results, but these results can still be quite amazing indeed. As an example, I worked someone suffering from constant extreme hip joint pain on a level of 10+ (on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest level of pain). Following the first two sessions, there seemed to be no improvement whatsoever. I am not one to be discouraged, so we continued. Following the third and fourth sessions, improvement began to appear, and by the end of 10 sessions, there was only intermittent pain on about a 3 level. The level of security (feeling of comfort that this joint would not collapse and cause him to fall) with this hip joint and the lack of pain continues without further intervention for the last three months.
Similar results have been reported from another client who came to me having constant pain at a 10+ level. Following one session the pain reduction was astonishing. She had broken her leg, just above the ankle nine years before and following the most recent medical intervention had very little mobility in the ankle. After the first session, the pain level had reduced considerably, and there was much more flexibility. Following session 3 there was only intermittent pain, and her ability to walk without obvious stiffness, was remarkable. Further Quantum-Touch work will be done after several months reinforce the healing.
A client presenting with lung disease told me that she had been diagnosed with Celiac some time earlier. She was controlling the symptoms with great attention to diet, and was having no problems at this time. However, when I began to work in the lung area, the abdomen responded very loudly. I moved to the abdomen where I work for that session, as well as for a second session. As I worked in the abdominal area, she began experiencing pain in the left kidney. I asked if she had ever had a kidney infection or any problems with her kidney, and she was remembered having had kidney stones many years before. After the first 4 sessions, the work in the abdomen and kidney seemed to have been completed and the energy work on the lungs was ready to begin, however, the lungs had begun clearing. This was a clear example of the innate intelligence of the body coming into play and healing the part of the body that needs to be healed first.
I have developed a whole new respect for body intelligence as I am reminded daily the system of prioritization taking place under my hands. I worked with someone recently who had broken her ankle, severed her Achilles tendon and had knee injuries dating back more than 20 years. When I began to work on the ankle, the energy immediately went to the knees. And only after the knees were completely clear of pain and constriction, did the healing of the ankle complete.
Quantum-Touch takes the concept of energy healing to a level I had not considered possible. In fact, about 7 days ago, I discovered a skin lesion on the inside of the right arm just above the elbow. I looked at it for two days, before I realized that it needed immediate attention. It was approximately the size of the middle finger nail, and seemed to be growing even as I watched it. On the third day, I decided to take action and was going to telephone my physician. However, before doing that I put my fingertips around this spot and ran energy into it. The next morning, when I checked it, it seemed to have stopped growing, to have developed clearly defined edges but it was still vibrant and pulsing with a deep red colour. On the fourth day the spot was the same size, however, the pulsating and vibrancy aspect of this spot had stopped, and it had lost much of its colour. In fact, it was flat, and quite rough. Today, it is approximately ¼ of the former size, quite pale in colour, and to the touch, it feels like the rest of my arm. I feel quite confident that whatever it was, it is gone.
I have enormous respect for the body’s intelligence, but also enormous trust. I know that I can work where I believe I need to with my clients, and the energy will go where it is needed first.

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