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Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space
Techniques for clearing our energy body, our homes, our car, our office as a means of giving us increased physical energy, spiritual and emotional energy. Assists us in being in a state of wellbeing at all times whether we are in our home, of office or the shopping mall. Particularly helpful for those working in hostile environments such as law enforcement, or in environments where people are suffering with physical and emotional illness.

July 21st 2008 - Grounding and the Art of Creating Sacred Space

by Aileen McKenna, Quantum-Touch Instructor/ Practitioner;
workshop facilitator, Eco-village Design Consultant

Have you ever noticed a change in your physical energy when you enter the bus in the mornings for your daily commute? Have you noticed feeling differently when you go into a shopping mall or other public place where many people gather? Have you noticed a change in your mood when you are in a place where people are unwell, or dealing with issues such as banking or legal issues? Have you noticed difficulty in decision making while in the presence of others? Experiencing a change in how you feel in any of these situations is real and not uncommon. It is not your imagination, it is a fact that your level of physical energy and emotional, spiritual mental energy can and is being affected regularly by the health, feelings, thoughts, and intentions of those in close proximity to your physical body and your energy sphere. Whether your workplace is in the world of finance, retail, hospitality, health care, law enforcement or any other environment where you are interacting closely with others, you re being impacted. And you know it! You are feeling it!

You can change this quite radically, and easily. However, the tools that you need to eliminate that phenomena, are not readily available to you. And they should be! Everyone needs to have this skill set. I have worked for many years with these particular tools and although I know them, have practiced them often, and regularly, I still forget from time to time. Recently I rediscovered them through the grace of several clients who insisted that I help them with issues involving concentration and interference from others in close proximity to their workspace. I simply gave them some basic instruction over the phone and received feedback that this had helped immensely. However, after sitting down over several days working with this material, I decided to spend time refreshing my physical and energetic experience. I was immediately reminded of just how simple it is and how absolutely stunningly effective these techniques are.

To give you an example, I lay down on my sofa, and went through the initial six processes. I had been feeling tired for about 6 months, lacking in enthusiasm and feeling confused about my responsibilities as a planetary Light worker. I went through the initial steps and then went into a deep sleep for about 30 minutes. When I awoke, I felt clear, energized and absolutely recommitted to my work. Other issues about which I had some confusion, had also become totally clear. My dedication to my real work had returned, and all superfluous responsibilities and relationships had disappeared. I was again able to create, to focus, and to begin clear away the material in my home no longer relevant to this part of my life; I felt younger, lighter and full of energy again. What an enlightenment to realize how quickly and simply this work can help to remove that which does not belong to us.

Clients who have learned this work tell me that they have more energy, are clearer in the actual working environments and able to concentrate much more effectively. They feel happier and less affected by their other workers, attitudes and hidden agendas.

This workshop has been offered as a pilot project during the summer of 2008 to Quantum-Touch students and close friends. The feedback has been wonderful and shows me how important it is for other energy workers and the general public to have an opportunity to learn this work. This work will assist everyone in their daily lives, whether it be children, athletes, adolescents, persons at mid life, executives, persons of advanced years, to be more at peace, energized and able to concentrate and focus.

This workshop is a must for anyone living here on planet earth in the present time. We are manifesting moment to moment and the care we need to take to ensure that we are clear in own intentions and actions, means that we need clarity in our physical and energetic bodies. For more information and/or registration for this workshop please call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272 or visit .

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